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Despite being minor, electrical emergencies like burnt outlets, short circuits, broken breakers, or power blackouts need immediate action and solutions to prevent an escalation. Unresolved emergencies can have life-changing consequences. For instance, the concern can lead to a fire outbreak that burns the whole house down. Or, worse still, the problem causes someone to get fatally electrocuted.  

Fortunately, you can call our award-winning 24/7 emergency electricians and rest easy. Give us a call at 833-652-4777 to protect your family and property from electrical problems. We ensure that your home electrical system complies with the state code. Reach out for free advice on mitigating electrical hazards, as well. 

We understand that these emergencies are unpredictable. They occur any time of day or night. As such, our company remains open 24 hours a day. We can send an experienced technician to your home or business, even on a weekend or during a public holiday.  

What Qualifies as an Electrical Emergency?

There’s usually a thin blurred line separating a ‘standard’ electricity problem from an emergency. After all, a minor problem can easily turn disastrous in a flash. So, don’t try to wing it when dealing with sudden power issues at home. Instead, call our professional electricians for a complete diagnosis of the problem before it gets further out of hand. 

Signs That You Need an Emergency Electrician

How do you know when to call us? Here are some cues that should have you concerned about the electrical system. 

Strange Burning Smells

If you start noticing a strange smell similar to plastic burning, an emergency is in the offing. Smoke detectors may be able to pick up the odors and go off. Your initial reaction should be to unplug all appliances and kill the main power. Try and identify the source of the smell if you can. Then, call our licensed and reliable expert electricians for quick repair. 

A Humming Breaker Box

Normally, a breaker box produces some slight buzzing sound when working. If you notice the buzzing sounds getting louder, the breaker may be overloading. Overheated breakers can easily trigger fires and need to get fixed right away. 

Constantly Tripping Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are designed to trip when they detect circuit overload in the systems. However, if the breaker is constantly tripping, there is an underlying problem. This repeated tipping indicates faulty equipment, circuit overload, or faulty ground wire. The source of the problem can also be a short circuit in one of the appliances or wires. 

Persistent Flickering in the lights

Now and then, the lights may flicker due to faulty light bulbs or damaged switches. This strange behavior usually indicates a deeper underlying concern. Often, the real issue can be circuit overloads, loose wiring, or voltage fluctuations. Therefore, if you ever notice this sign, call our power technicians as soon as possible. 


Electrical shocks are excruciatingly painful and can be fatal. Shocks arise from faulty appliances, loose connections, or when the electricity comes into contact with water. Our team will trace the source of the shock and repair it in no time. 

Smoking Outlets

Over time, dust and debris build up inside the power outlets. A reaction occurs when the live current comes into contact with the debris, causing smoke to blow through the outlets. The outlet also heats up significantly, and it can ignite anytime. 

Leave nothing to chance when faced with this concern. Our team will investigate whether the smoking outlet issue arose from wiring errors, overloading, or loose connections. The team will then use the findings to resolve the problem.

Water in the Electrical Panel

Sometimes, water crosses paths with the electrical system. Water can get into the grid through the electric panel, worn-out cables, or loose seals on the panel box. This water infiltration is quite dangerous as it can cause electrocutions and spark fires. 

What Happens When You Reach Out to Our 24-Hour Electricians?

Pick up the phone and talk to us when faced with electrical mishaps like short circuits, buzzing breakers, burning wires, damaged circuit breakers, wet surface electrocution, or any other electric emergency. 

Over the call, our teams will extract as much information as possible about your emergency. The call enables us to create a fireproof plan of action to resolve the issues. It helps to better prep for the ensuing repairs. We get to decide on the right gear and tools for the job. 

A crew then gets dispatched to your location. You can always count on us to arrive at your destination within the shortest time possible. 

How Much Do Our Pro Emergency Electricians Charge?

Our goal has always been to offer quality emergency repairs at the most competitive and fair prices. The cost of our emergency repairs often varies depending on several factors. These factors include:


Complex issues require more expertise and time. It takes more time for the professional to diagnose and fix the massive power problems. If you had opted for a flat fee pricing agreement, then you do not have to be bothered by the time factor. If you had opted for the pay-per-hour charging option, however, the total cost goes up if the repairs take more time. Take advantage of our membership for unending discounts today. 


As expected, the distance covered to reach our clients is a vital pricing consideration. The cost usually rises if our contractors need to travel vast distances to assist the client. The cost of our services also depends on the customer’s geographical background.

Qualifications and Expertise

Our staff comprises electricians with multi-tier levels of experience. As our client, you can select apprentice electricians or skilled journeymen. You can also engage the most experienced but somewhat expensive master electrician. You pay a premium for urgent and sensitive emergency electrical repairs. 

Replacement Spares Required

The replacement parts needed to complete the repairs also helps to inform our pricing. The customer absorbs the cost of the new spare parts. Our team will provide an honest and transparent breakdown of the spare parts used and their costs. 

Why Hire Our 24-Hour Emergency Electrician Near You?

  • Our experienced team has undergone world-class training for quick and safe electrical solutions. 
  • Our contractors have relevant permits required to practice as an electrician. The staff complies with the guidelines and standards of the National Electrical Code (NEC). 
  • Our electrical experts regularly get drug tested. We subject the crew to background checks as well. 
  • We are safety-oriented. The safety of our clients and their families is our topmost priority. Hire an experienced electrical pro to enhance safety at your home. 
  • Our expert emergency electricians have the confidence and expertise to deliver top-notch electrical repairs. 
  • Our specially trained repairs crew has continued to set new industry standards with their ingenious solutions. 

Can I DIY My Emergency Electrical Problems?

Many DIY electricity repair attempts end disastrously. They turn out to be more expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, avoid DIY endeavors at all costs, especially when dealing with major emergencies.

No matter how many YouTube video tutorials you pore over, you still don’t qualify as an electrician. The DIY attempt can get you electrocuted. It can also worsen the situation. Allow real professionals to handle these potentially harmful risks and threats. Hire our emergency electricians for excellent results.

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