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Colorado 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

Plumbing emergencies are difficult to handle, from frozen pipes in chilly winters to leaking faucets and broken sewer lines. Especially when you have zero plumbing knowledge, immediate assistance is needed to get out of the difficult situation. 

We are one of the top plumbing emergency providers in Colorado. Our emergency service is designed to resolve urgent plumbing requirements. That is why we have a dedicated staff specifically trained for emergency plumbing. 

Some of our core plumbing services include: 


  • Kitchen sink repair and installation 
  • Pipeline repair 
  • Blocked drain repair 
  • Sewer line repair issues 
  • Burst pipe repair 
  • Frozen pipe repair 

Calling a Trusted Emergency Plumber

If you are new in the state, be sure to rely only on qualified plumbers. As per law, plumbers are not allowed to work without having a license. Therefore, make sure to check the plumbing license of the individual before getting your work done. 

In Colorado, there are three categories in the plumbing license. These include: 


  • Residential license 
  • Journeyman license 
  • Master’s license

For apprenticeship, registration with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies is mandatory. The apprentices can only work under the plumber holding a master’s license. It means, if it’s an emergency, you should only rely on a master plumber. 


However, after working for two years, apprentices can apply for the residential plumbing license, the second license level. Under this license, plumbers are legally permitted to work all sorts of residential plumbing work.

If you are calling a plumber for a commercial emergency, the plumber should hold a journeyman or a master’s license. Journeymen and master plumbers can work for both commercial and residential sectors.

The most reliable plumber is the one with a master’s license. But these plumbers are the most experienced. Compared with others, they charge more. The Colorado master plumbing charges are around $30.93 per hour, whereas the journeyman plumber charges $28.64 as an average hourly rate.

Plumbing Services Throughout The State

Colorado has countless attractions. The breathtaking view, outdoor activities, and adventure opportunities are the reasons for the fame of this state. People coming to this state are often excited about the ski resorts, Rocky Mountains, Coors Field, Hanging Lake, Trail Ridge Road, and many other attractions.

Wherever you are in Colorado, a plumbing emergency can arise anytime.

Feel free to call us even on holidays or weekends and holidays. Find your city service coverage from the following list,