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A reliable HVAC system is an essential part of your business or any other property. It creates a cool and comfortable internal atmosphere for the efficient running of your business in cold and hot weather both. An HVAC breakdown can happen at the least expected time. It can happen in the middle of the night, early in the morning, on the weekend, or on holiday. That’s why you need to have a reliable 24-hour commercial HVAC contractor on speed dial. That will save you from the hassles of google searching HVAC contractors and getting bombarded with overwhelming results. It will also help restore your air conditioning unit with little to no disruption to the running of your business.

We are one of the best commercial HVAC companies near you. We understand that commercial HVAC systems have completely different needs from residential ones. We are a one-stop center for all your commercial heating and cooling needs, including system installation, replacement, maintenance, and emergency repair. We have an extensive network of licensed and experienced HVAC contractors. We leverage this extensive network to address the needs of our clients, regardless of the location and time.

Our HVAC Services for Commercial Properties

Design and Installation Services

We understand that each company has its unique needs when it comes to heating and cooling. That’s we walk with you through the process of selecting and installing the best AC unit for your company’s needs. We do not look at price only when assisting you in choosing the ideal system for your company. We also look at the size, ductwork, ventilation, design protocols, and adherence to local building codes. 

Our contractors guarantee the proper installation of your HVAC system. They understand that proper installation can enhance your system’s energy efficiency and performance. They also know that proper sizing can prolong the life of your system and reduce energy consumption. 

Contact us at 855-958-5868 if you need nearby HVAC installation services. Our specialist will visit your site to assess your needs. The specialist will take some measurements and ascertain your needs before giving you an estimate.

We will then discuss your needs and give you all the primary information you require to make the best decision based on the current situation. We will also give you a risk-free quote for the system installation.

Replacement Services

We are also your go-to company for system replacement services. Business owners always have a challenge deciding whether to replace their systems or keep incurring costs. We can help you make the best decision if you are in this situation.

Our contractor will visit your location and inspect your HVAC. The contractor will then tell you whether it’s worth fixing or whether you should just replace the system altogether after calculating a lot of factors. Generally, the following are some signs that your system needs a replacement.

Old System: According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), all HVAC systems that are a decade or older are a candidate for replacement. Older systems are significantly inefficient compared to newer ones. They result in higher energy costs. Installing a new system may give you a good return on investment (ROI). 

Constant Repairs: Consider replacing your system if you are constantly fixing it. A replacement is necessary if your most recent repair expenses are almost half the value of your HVAC. Besides saving some dollars on energy bills, you will eliminate losses that you usually incur every time your system fails. You will also get rid of repair calls. 

Too Much Noise: An HVAC system that makes too much noise and performs inefficiently is eligible for replacement. 

Failing at the Least Expected Times: It’s time to replace your system if it keeps failing when you need it the most. 

Maintenance Services

As previously stated, a dependable system is instrumental in the everyday running of your company. Regular maintenance ensures your system is performing at peak at all times. A properly maintained air conditioning system keeps your employees comfortable, healthy, and productive. It also increases foot traffic to your store and keeps customers comfortable and willing to buy. 

Professional service plays an instrumental role in improving your system’s performance and life. A knowledgeable technician will detect and fix problems that might easily escape untrained eyes. 


Call us for all your HVAC service needs. We can help you set up a convenient maintenance contract and schedule an appointment with one of our contractors in your location. We recommend that you have your system maintained by an expert at least twice a year. 

You can, for instance, have our contractors service your system in the spring just before the hot summer months and the fall just before the chilly winter months. Doing that can minimize sudden malfunctions or even eliminate them. 

Repair Services

Regular maintenance and installation do not make your commercial air conditioning system immune from breakdowns or issues that require fixing. Our contractors are on standby 24 hours a day, weeklong, to address your air conditioner issues. You can count on us for prompt service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

A professional repair increases the lifespan of your system while avoiding costly mistakes during the repair process. It gets your unit back up and performing at its peak. Our technicians have the necessary qualifications, licenses, and skillsets to fix all makes and models of commercial systems. 

They can diagnose and solve issues properly the first time. They also take the necessary steps to protect themselves and the occupants of your commercial establishment during repair work. They carry valid licenses and insurance policies to protect you from liability in the event of an accident. 

Do not wait for your HVAC equipment to stop running so that you can call a technician. You need to be proactive and call for HVAC service immediately after detecting a problem with your system. Getting problems resolved as soon as they arise helps prevent major failures that can result in expensive and complex problems. Common signs that you need an HVAC service include: 

  • Your System Fails to Turn on
  • Unusual smells 
  • Unusual noises 
  • Leaking refrigerant 
  • Ice is building up on the compressor 

Your system is discharging warm air in summer or extremely cold air during a chilly winter day. 

Make Team Emergency Plumber your trusted partner for all your unique HVAC service requirements. We work on various makes and models. We have the right talent and resources to satisfy the heating and cooling needs of your company. 

Our trucks are always stocked with all the most common parts. This allows our contractors to drive to your location immediately after your initial service request. They do not waste time rushing to purchase the required parts. Call us today at 855-958-5868 to schedule an appointment with one of our commercial HVAC contractors near your location. 

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