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Emergency flooding is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Water damage may arise from mid-winter melting, storm sewers, and urban flooding. Flooding can also get triggered by plumbing issues, such as leaking toilets, leaking roofs, broken drains, ruptured pipes, sewer backups, or even cracks in the foundation. 

This flooding can cause irreparable damage to your property. If left unattended, the flood water can lead to adverse health issues. Fortunately, you can count on our 24-hour restoration services near you when the disaster strikes. Our restoration crew can dry out your property within the first visit or take a few days to get the job done. It all depends on the nature and extent of the damage.   

Steps To Take When Facing an Emergency Flooding

When faced with sudden water damage, act fast to contain the water leakage and damage to your home or business. Act quickly to safeguard the safety of the occupants as well. Call our technicians immediately at 833-652-4777. The longer you delay getting professional help, the more the water damage. And, consequently, the costlier it is to restore your drywall or furnishings. 

As you wait for our technicians to arrive, first, turn off the main water supply valve. Also, turn off the hot water heaters to prevent further damage. Switch off the power to prevent electrocution. 

Identify any small leakages and patch them using absorbent rags or sealing tape. Dry out any excess water on your drywall and carpets to avert seepage that may lead to mold formation. Also, remove any movable furnishings from affected areas. Then, move everyone, pets included, away from the affected spaces to higher grounds. 

How We Respond to Flooding Issues

Once we receive your distress call, we immediately dispatch our experienced restoration professionals to your address. Upon arrival, our emergency response team starts by identifying the source of the water. That information allows our crew to know the mitigation procedure to apply. It also helps us to select the correct equipment for the cleanup efforts. 

We take great pride in being a one-stop solution hub for all your water damage and sewage extraction concerns. That means you do not need to look for new technicians to resolve other arising issues like structural repairs or electrical work. We offer the following 24/7 emergency restoration services:

  • Dehumidification and Dry-out 
  • Structural cleaning 
  • Water extraction
  • Sewage mitigation 
  • Sanitization
  • Odor removal 
  • Structural drying 
  • Carpet cleaning and drying 

Why Choose Our Emergency Water Damage Services?

Over the years, we have forged a lifelong professional relationship with the major insurance companies covering Sewerage Extraction and Water Damage claims. That collaboration allows us to offer excellent advice to our clients when they are filing for property damage claims. We will ensure you get maximum payouts. 

We take care of your home as if it were our own. We are always there for our clients. Feel free to give us  a ring anytime, be it at midnight or over the holidays; we always have you covered. Our quick response teams are just a phone call away from your home or business premises. 

Here are other reasons to consider us:

  • We only hire experienced and accredited professionals.
  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • We use the latest technological tools to clean up and dry out your home
  • Our plumbing staff and services are fully bonded and insured 
  • We operate on an upfront standard-rate pricing policy 
  • We provide free flooding damage assessments and estimates
  • We have experienced, transparent, and friendly staff 
  • We are IICRC and RIA certified

How Much Do Our Water Damage Cleanup Services Cost?

Our water damage restoration charges depend on several factors. This includes the type of water involved in the damage. It costs more to restore damages caused by sewage water due to the contamination risk. You pay lower rates per square foot if the restoration involves clean water from taps or rain. You also pay less when faced with grey water from appliances like dishwashers.

Other prime factors used to determine your costs include the water damage extent and the affected area size. So, we can only give an accurate estimate after our contractors have assessed the damage. Do not worry, though. Our prices are affordable and transparent. 

Do not panic when faced with flooding emergencies due to broken drains, flooded basements, sewer back-ups, leaking roofs, or torrential flooding. Call us at 833-652-4777 for a top-quality water damage restoration service. Our reputable and accredited contractors are renowned for their speed and professionalism. 

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