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The roof helps protect your home or business from climatic elements like rain, snow, wind, sunshine, and hailstones. It also enhances the aesthetics of any building or home. Over time, the constant exposure to harsh climatic elements takes a heavy toll on your roof. Eventually, the roof begins to leak through the resulting cracks and holes. 

Luckily, you can count on us for all your roofing repair needs. Our professionals are always on standby to resolve your emergencies. All you need to do is to call us at 833-652-4777 to request a same-day or next-day appointment. 

At times, it is more economical to remove the existing roof altogether, than to keep getting repeated repair work. Going for a new roof is an excellent long-term decision. New roofing has many benefits, including improved aesthetic appeal, enhanced home value, and an extended roofing warranty on your property. Our professionals will help you make the right decision when facing roofing emergencies. Of course, they will need to assess the extent of the damage first.                          

Why You Should Avoid Trying to Repair Your Roof Yourself

Attempting to do a roof repair yourself is risky and might worsen the present damages. Avoid trying to repair your roof yourself. Instead, call our certified emergency roofers for quality repair at competitive rates. 

 Act quickly to prevent an escalation of the roofing disaster. The longer you delay calling our professionals to address the damages, the more it will cost you to undo them later.

What Should I Do Before the Emergency Roofers Arrive?

Roofing disasters are scary encounters. These emergencies often hit at odd hours when most repair shops are closed. Our roofing contractors, however, are always available 24/7, even on public holidays. Take the following steps as you wait for our roofers to arrive: 

Stay Calm

Avoid panicking if your roof gets damaged during a torrential downfall, by fire, or by debris carried by strong winds. Stay calm and collected while assessing the extent of the damage to your property or house. Move everyone out of harm’s way. Then, call our reliable and trusted roof repair experts.

Use Seal Tarps

As you wait for our response teams, you can use tarps to seal off any holes that may be letting water into your property. Use buckets to trap the water leaking through the damaged roofs too. 

Once our roofers arrive, they will assess the emergency to determine how to manage the damages. After the repairs, we will share tips and pointers to help you mitigate present and future roof problems. 

We will also assist with your insurance claims. We will share all records detailing your roofing damages and their costs to support your claim. 

When Do You Need an Emergency Repair for Your Roof?

Leaking roofs and damaged shingle repairs are as unpredictable as they are inevitable. Here are three examples of the typical roofing emergencies we get called in to resolve. 


Stormy weather is a leading cause of roofing damage. The adverse weather sometimes rips off the home’s roof shingles. The wind sends them hurling all across your yards or on your neighbor’s lawns.

If you fail to fix your shingles quickly, your property will begin to leak. Call us at 833-652-4777 for a quick fix.

Blown-off elements

Strong gale winds, especially in wooded areas, destroy many homes, annually. The strong winds turn broken tree branches and other objects into trajectories aimed at your home. The impact can result in minor leaks or cracks or a catastrophic cave-in. 

Fire Damage

Repairing roofs damaged by fire outbreaks is another on-demand service on offer. When a fire burns down a roof portion, it creates problems. The integrity of the roofing structure becomes compromised, and it can fall at any moment. 

Why Hire Our Emergency Roofing Services?

  • Our staff is certified and licensed by respected industry authorities.
  • We deliver quality workmanship.
  • We possess the latest cutting-edge tools to diagnose roofing problems and repair them. We also use those advanced tools to replace faulty roofs. 
  • We are honest and transparent in our dealings. We ensure that you are well aware of your existing roofing threats and the possible solutions you can pursue. With us, you get a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. 
  • Our roofing services are 100% insured and bonded. This exempts our clients from liability if a contractor gets into an accident at the site. 

How Much Does Emergency Roofing Repair Cost?

Contact us today to know how much it will cost to repair or overhaul your roofs. We will generally consider factors like the damage level and roof size when deciding how much to charge you. That means our contractors will have to visit the site first to offer an accurate estimate.

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