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Now is the best time to construct your dream green home. Green building is thriving thanks to the advent of new eco-friendly materials, designs, and technology. In addition, smart technology is evolving rapidly, leading to the rise of eco-friendly renovations. 

Green building has tons of benefits, including but not limited to lowering carbon print and bringing your energy bills down. It slightly raises the construction costs by an average of 4%. The benefits, however, are long-term and have a positive environmental impact. Call us at 833-652-4777 if you are considering constructing an eco-friendly home or converting your current home into a sustainable, energy-efficient property. 

What Is Green Building?

Green building is the construction of residential and commercial properties using processes that are purely eco-friendly and resource-efficient throughout the construction cycle. The construction cycle spans from siting to design to the end process -deconstruction. The green building aims to lower negative environmental effects while amplifying the positive effects. When thinking of a sustainable building, view it as an eco-friendly property. Also, view it as a property that has a positive effect on the people who live and visit it every day.

An eco-friendly building does not in any way compromise your overall comfort. Instead, it makes your home more functional and comfortable by complementing and improving conventional designs. The overall effect of going green is that it improves the quality of life for both you and your loved ones. It also creates a cleaner and healthier environment, which can help improve employee productivity if you are a business owner. 

What Are The Benefits of Green Building?

Energy Efficiency

The green building utilizes energy from environmentally friendly sources. Energy generated from renewable sources, such as wind and sun, is clean. On the other hand, the energy generated from non-renewable sources like coal is unclean, bad and pollutes the air. Besides the health risks, generating energy from non-renewable sources is costly. 

Enhances Water Conservation

Green building has unrivaled water efficiency. Going green preserves water reserves through water wastage reduction. Reduction in water wastage is mainly due to the installation of water-efficient plumbing fixtures. In addition, eco-friendly properties can purify harvested rainwater. This lowers strain on shared water resources. 

Eco-friendly properties also incorporate water filtration systems to conserve water. All these plumbing technologies promote the prudent use of water resources. The positive outcome on the environment is immense. Water conservation protects our biodiversity. It also ensures future generations will have clean water sources.

Lower Operational Costs and Better Returns

Green buildings have lower operating costs, energy bills, and improved efficiency. After investing in an eco-friendly property, you can be assured of a decent return on investment. This is mainly due to savings accrued from lower operational costs. In addition, the maintenance costs of green projects are low. This, in turn, improves the resale value of your property.

Improved Indoor Environment

Your surrounding has a major impact on your health. You might suffer from respiratory diseases if your home has poor air quality. With the advent of eco-friendly architectural designs, occupants in the house have improved air quality. Going green leads to the introduction of interior design elements, such as improved ergonomic features, air-filtration systems, and energy-efficient lighting sources. These technologies improve the occupants’ health and lower stress levels.

Health Benefits

Green structures confer numerous health benefits to their inhabitants. They lower the risk of cancer, respiratory diseases, allergies, and other health disorders, as they do not use construction materials containing hazardous organic compounds. In addition, they do not use plastic derivatives known to release toxic fumes or contain carcinogens.

Green Buildings Have a Longer Lifespan

Green structures have a markedly longer lifespan than traditional buildings. This is due to the incorporation of eco-friendly materials, such as recycled decking, during construction. Sustainable construction materials have been proven to last longer. These materials can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as heat or storms, with little maintenance. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Green Building

What Makes A Building Green?

This question sits on top of most people’s FAQs about green buildings. Simply put, a green building is an eco-friendly structure. The building conserves the environment and efficiently utilizes resources during its life cycle. 

A green structure has three notable benefits. It protects its occupant’s health, reduces environmental degradation, and efficiently utilizes resources such as water and energy.

What Is The Cost of Constructing a Green Building?

Contrary to the widely held notion that green buildings are expensive to construct, you may be surprised that they are at par with conventional designs. Their cost is no more than a few percentage points than traditional designs. In some instances, they fall within the same range.

As green construction technologies and products emerge, the initial costs incurred while undertaking green projects are significantly going down.

To further reduce costs, our team will carefully consider all the affordable alternatives available without compromising on quality. Give us a call at 833-652-4777 to get a free estimate today!

Which Buildings Can Be Green?

There are no limitations on which building can be green. In fact, any building can be redesigned to be sustainable. Green buildings have different designs and efficiency levels, depending on the goals set by the owner.

Even your regular house can become green. All you need to do is hire our contractors to turn your regular home into a future-proof sustainable building. 

Are There Tax Breaks for Going Green?

Yes. There are federal tax credits for eco-friendly projects. Access to credit is, however, subject to your property meeting the set targets for specific energy efficiency projects. States like New York have introduced green building tax benefits.

Call us today for all your green building needs. You can count on us if you are constructing from scratch or converting your current home into an eco-friendly property. Upon receiving your call, we will send one of our contractors near you to your location. The contractor will assess the project and give you an estimate. We will work with you throughout the building design and construction process. Our highly trained and experienced team will strive to meet if not exceed your expectations. 

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