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A powerful and efficient heat pump system can make your home or business comfortable and functional. This system mainly removes heat energy from your home. It absorbs heat from indoor air and then transfers it outside. So, a malfunctioned pump can cause unbearable discomfort in your home. Having a repair professional on speed dial can make a difference when such emergencies strike. That is why Team Emergency Plumber is always available to resolve all your emergencies. 

Give us a call at our 24/7 hotline number 833-652-4777. We will send one of our local contractors to your premises. Our contractors are insured and licensed. They have the requisite skills and tools to diagnose and repair your faulty equipment.

Signs That You Need Professional Heat Pump Repair Service

Your pump may be heating or cooling your home without any sign of malfunction. You should, however, contact us for quick repair if you notice the following signs:

Presence of A Leak in Your Refrigerant Line

If you switch on your unit and it fails to heat or cool your home, it may indicate the presence of a leak in the refrigerant line. A refrigerant line is a medium through which the heat and cold exchange process occurs. If a leak is not fixed quickly, your refrigerant may reduce considerably. Low refrigerant, in turn, may result in a costly replacement. If you notice a leak, call us right away. We will send an HVAC pro to your address. The pro will diagnose and repair your system on the first trip.

Short Cycling

Sometimes, your pump may complete the heating or cooling cycle partially. If this essential equipment starts behaving in such a manner, it’s high time you call an HVAC expert. Short cycling can easily damage your system. With repeated short cycling, your pump’s lifespan will significantly reduce. This may lead to costly replacement.

Heat Pump Locked into Cooling Mode

Having your unit stuck in a cooling mode during winter can be disastrous. If your pump is not keeping your home warm, then it is not serving its purpose. If your heater has such an issue, it indicates that your reversing valve is faulty. The valve is responsible for switching the refrigerant’s line flow from heating to cooling and vice versa. Call us immediately if you notice that your appliance is stuck in cooling mode. Our certified HVAC contractors will show up armed with all the necessary supplies and get your system back up and running. 

Strange Noises

Call a professional if your pump is producing strange noises, such as hissing or gurgling. Do not let the noises continue for long, as they indicate the presence of a fault. Your appliance may break down if this problem is left unresolved. 

Irregular Hot Air Distribution

Failure to blow hot air uniformly indicates that your system’s air filters are clogged. Dirty or blocked filters can limit airflow and cause some spaces or rooms to get uneven heat.

Skyrocketing Utility Bills

A dramatic increase in your utility bills might be a sign of a problem with your heating system. Maybe the system has accumulated dirt and debris over time due to lack of maintenance. Or perhaps some of its internal components have undergone wear and tear. Whatever the case, our dependable professionals can inspect it and get the job done correctly the first time.

Why Hire A Certified Contractor?

As much as DIY is the trend nowadays, you still need qualified experts to repair your system. DIY saves money, but it cannot match a contractor’s expertise. Mistakes during DIY can also turn a minor issue into a costly repair issue. The following are the benefits of hiring a certified contractor: 

Boosts Performance and Efficiency of Your Unit

Having your unit checked and repaired by a skilled pair of hands can improve its performance and efficiency. The outcome will be an improvement of comfort in your home and business. You may also see a significant drop in your utility bills. 

Longer Lifespan

Besides powerful performance and efficiency, hiring an experienced technician prolongs the lifespan of your pump. Our technicians always use advanced tools and innovative techniques to diagnose and resolve any issue with your unit.

Quick Repairs

Pump repairs may look easy, but they can be challenging. Choosing the DIY route may seem simple, but it might take time. You may even fail to complete the repairs altogether. With a certified expert, you will save valuable time and costs. In addition to fixing your pump, a professional will guide you on various strategies to reduce energy or electricity usage.

Quality and Affordable Replacement Services Near Me

After extensive use and several repairs, your unit may develop irreversible issues. This may call for a replacement. Call us at 833-652-4777 if you want to replace or repair your system. We will send a skilled professional to your home right away.

Our professional will assess your home’s unique needs and advise you on the best unit to meet those needs. The professional will involve you in every step, from buying the unit to installing it.

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