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Molds are part of dirt and debris in your home or business. They are usually not a problem in the internal environment until the mold spores fall on moist surfaces and start spreading. Molds carry human health safety risks, as they produce substances that can trigger allergic reactions (allergens).

They also produce irritants and potentially hazardous substances called mycotoxins. They can damage the structural integrity of your property by eating away the walls. They can damage, stain, and discolor anything in your home, including wallpaper, carpet, floorboards, and ceiling tiles, costing you a lot of money for unwanted repairs. Mold also causes a stale smell inside your property.

Team Emergency Plumber is one of the best mold removal companies nearby. We understand the consequences of mold infestation on your health and property. We also know that molds can spread throughout your home within hours. That’s why we provide quick and effective mold removal services. We usually send an expert to your location shortly after receiving your booking call.

Our remediation experts use state-of-the-art equipment to identify the moisture source of your mold problem. We then perform a comprehensive process for the removal of the mold, ensuring the safety and comfort of your family every step of the way.

Our Mold Remediation Process


The first step is to schedule a mold assessment appointment with our professionals. You can do that by calling us at 833-652-4777. We will ask you a few questions regarding the mold situation in your home. We will then explain what you should expect and work with you to arrive at a convenient date for the inspection or even serve in an emergency in case you need it.

Mold Assessment and Quote

We will send a mold specialist to your location on the agreed date and time. The pro will carefully assess the building to determine the mold type, source, and extent of the damage. We will then recommend the best removal method for your unique situation based on the assessment report.

We will answer any questions you might have about mold cleanup. We will also give you a free, detailed quote for your entire project. Our pros will perform a comprehensive risk assessment and devise strategies for addressing challenges that might arise during the cleanup.

Creation of Containment Areas

Molds usually release spores when they are disturbed. These spores travel in the air and can land on new surfaces during the removal process. As such, our technicians will create containment areas at the beginning of the removal process. This usually involves generating negative air pressure to prevent cross-contamination. Our technicians will then use HEPA vacuum cleaners inside the containment area to trap mold spores and discharge high-quality clean air.


We will thoroughly clean all the semi-porous and non-porous materials inside your house using HEPA air filtration devices. We will also use cleaning solutions containing EPA-approved disinfectants.


We will have to remove and dispose of some mold-infested materials. Porous materials with visible signs of mold growth are a candidate for removal and disposal.


We usually clean all the affected items, including carpets, floors, furniture, curtains, and drywall, after disposing of mold-infested materials. We will use fogging equipment to deodorize and get rid of stale odors associated with molds.

Reconstruction and Restoration

Our technicians will reconstruct and restore your property to its pre-damage condition. This reconstruction and restoration usually involve placing new carpeting, cabinets, floors, or walls.

Preventative Measures Recommendations

Our technicians will provide you with actionable tips for preventing mold regrowth in the future.

Post Remediation Inspection

Our pros will perform a post-removal inspection after completing the removal process. This final step allows us to determine whether the remediation and cleanup process was successful. It also enables us to assess the effectiveness of the cleanup.

How Long Does the Remediation Process Last?

The exact duration of the removal process totally depends on the extent of the damage. Our mold pro will give you a timeline after assessing the mold situation on your property. Generally, the cleanup takes one to two days for small sections and up to five days for bigger sections.

What is the Cost of Removing Mold in Your Home?

It is hard to determine the actual removal cost without assessing the extent of the mold damage first. Actual removal costs usually vary with the mold situation involved. The average cost, however, ranges from $1,000 to $3,000. We usually prefer to provide a quote after one of our specialists has assessed the situation in person at your property.

When Do I Need Mold Remediation Services

You will need to hire a professional in the event of extensive water damage or mold infestation covering an area of more than 10 square feet of your home or business. You can do the cleanup yourself if the infested area is less than 10 square feet. Take advantage of the many online resources when performing do-it-yourself mold cleanup. You can also call us at 833-652-4777 for professional guidance.

Another sign that you need cleanup services is developing sudden mold allergic reactions, including sneezing and coughing. It is important to take note that many other allergies and conditions can cause similar symptoms. So, you should take your time to determine whether symptoms go away when you are outside your home. If they do, you might have a mold infestation inside your home.

The persistent and unpleasant smell inside your property also indicates an infestation. Most mold growths resemble discoloration and are often black, white, blue, or green. You can detect molds by visually inspecting your property regularly.

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24-Hour Availability: We are available 24 hours, seven days a week. We can start restoring your property to its pre-loss condition without unnecessary delays.

Fast Response Time: Our remediation technicians arrive at the site within 30 minutes to protect your home and family.

Licensed, Insured, and Bonded: Our technicians have all the necessary licenses from concerning authorities and insurance coverage. For this reason, you won’t bear liability for any accident or incident on your property during the restoration.

Specialized Equipment and Methods: Our technicians use advanced equipment and proven methods for quick and effective removal.

Free Quotes: Our remediation professionals carefully examine the damage and offer a risk-free quote.

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