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Water Damage Restoration

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Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services – Call Us for Immediate Assistance

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when your basement floods or water damages your home. Fear and tension may stun you to the point of inaction. Be calm and act right away when such an emergency strikes. 

Call us at our toll-free helpline at 833-652-4777 for immediate assistance. Our polite and professional customer care representative will answer your call within seconds. The rep will ask you a few questions regarding your exact location and the type of emergency. We will then send one of our experts near you for prompt service.

Switch off the main water supply while waiting for the specialist to arrive. Rescue your furniture and other valuables, if possible. Cut the electricity supply to your home to prevent electrocution and fire outbreaks. Evacuate your loved ones from affected spaces and take them to a safe place. 

Water Damage Restoration Process

Call Water Damage Restoration Specialist

The first step after a water damage emergency is to call a reliable water restoration company. Fortunately, you do not have to waste time searching for such a company. Instead, call Team Emergency Plumber at 833-652-4777. Our experienced plumbers have the right tools and equipment, including drying equipment, to get your home back to normal. 

Our toll-free line is open 24/7. A quick response to flooding in your house is key. Any delays will lead to more damage. 

Water Damage Inspection

After calling us, a qualified emergency plumber team will arrive at your doorstep within a minute. They will inspect the severity of water damage and hazards present. They will then draw a water damage restoration plan for your home. They will also help you document the damages in order to pursue compensation from your insurance company. 

Water Mitigation

The contractor will find the water source and stop the flow. In addition, the contractor will protect the undamaged items in your home. 

Water Removal

At this step, all water present is extracted from your home. Water extraction reduces drying time. Our professionals have modern and powerful pumps that will quickly do emergency water removal. The team will ensure no water in the carpets, walls, and furniture. Failure to remove all water may lead to mold growth in your home.

General Clean-up

The technician will assess the damaged items after removing all water traces. Some of the items that can be restored are isolated from the ones that can’t be salvaged. All materials that can’t be restored are removed from the house to expedite the process of drying up the house and restorable materials.

Regular Monitoring

The drying process needs regular monitoring to ensure that all restorable materials return to their pre-damage condition. The pros will make daily routine checks to ensure the equipment is running optimally and make adjustments where possible. This stage is key to the efficient drying up of your home.

Restoration and Remodeling

Flooding leaves a trail of destruction in your basement or even other areas of your house. After running the initial steps, it’s time to restore your home to pre-flooding levels. The repairs might be minor or major, depending on the extent of water damage. Our pros will walk with you throughout the repair process. They will restore any damaged area in your house to normal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Damage

What is the Cost of Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration costs vary each time, greatly depending on the extent of each situation. Charges attached to basement flooding are not the same as water damage caused by a minor pipe leak.

Is a Dehumidifier Suitable for the Removal of Standing Water?

No, a dehumidifier cannot remove standing water. It is, however, effective in removing high moisture content from the air. The best way to remove standing water is to use the extraction method.

How to Dry Out Water Damaged Floor?

Every floor has its unique make. This then makes the mode applied to dry out floors vary considerably. Use floor mats if your home has hardwood flooring. The mats will draw air from the spaces present in between the hardwood. Use fans and dehumidifiers to dry out carpets and pads.

What Is The Dry Out Duration After Water Damage?

It takes an average of 3-5 days to dry out a structure completely. This timeframe, however, can vary depending on the severity of water damage. If major repairs are undertaken, the time taken to dry out may be longer. A professional will recommend a return to a home or business only after assessing moisture levels. 

Why Call Us for Mold Removal and Remediation?

Our company is available 24/7. We are quick to respond to any plumbing emergency. We know that time is of the essence when dealing with flooding emergencies. Our technicians are highly trained and hold a restoration certification from recognized institutions.

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