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A main water line is the primary water pipe feeding your home. It is usually found on the front lawn or yard. This line channels water to your dishwashers, washing machines, and faucets. Over time this essential line ceases to function as expected due to aging, wear and tear, and common plumbing problems. 

Experience shows that DIYs are not good ideas. Line repair is a technical task that is best left to qualified plumbers for safe and assured outcomes. Call our certified 24/7 emergency plumbers for emergency plumbing repair and installation. We are specialists in bathroom plumbing, line replacement, water heater repairs, and many more services. Our phone line 833-652-4777 is always open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Signs That You Need a Repair Expert

How can you tell that your pipe line needs repairs or replacing? Cloudy water from your faucets is the most obvious sign of a damaged pipe line. Also, your line could be damaged if you see unusual pooling in your yards. If you notice discolored water or unexplained water pools, act fast and call our repair experts. 

Causes of Water Line Damages

Here are the common culprits responsible for bursts or leaking pipe lines. 

Worn Out Pipes

Aging pipes are a leading cause of line malfunctions. Over time, the feeder pipes undergo wear and tear. This deterioration severely compromises the pipe’s functioning. These aged pipes need immediate replacement to restore optimal performance. Call our professional plumbers to schedule an inspection and possible repairs. 

Frozen Pipes

Pipes are susceptible to freezing, especially during winter. This extreme weather can also cause drainage pipes to burst. Besides fixing your frozen pipes, our contractors will provide you with valuable advice to mitigate this plumbing concern in the future. 

Corroded Fixtures

Excessive water pressure at connection joints results in leakages. Leaky fixtures and connections have a higher likelihood of rusting. This corrosion, in turn, damages your lines in the long run. Do not hesitate to call our specialists if you ever notice leaking water pipes. 

Other possible causes include overgrown roots, freezing and thawing, ground movement, debris buildup, and wear and tear. 

Why Should You Hire Our Repair Specialists?

For starters, DIYs are very expensive. Two, DIYs often make things worse. As such, DIYs are not worth the risk. 

Be smart. Partner with our certified pros to quickly and efficiently resolve plumbing leaks. Our crew operates the right diagnostic and repair tools for speedy remediation. Tools capable of detecting the tiniest leaks underground and fixing them within no time. 

All our plumbers are fully licensed and accredited to practice in the state. To keep their skills sharp, our teams regularly take refresher plumbing courses. 

Our courteous contractors are always in uniform. We operate on a transparent upfront pricing policy. With us, there are no hidden fees, ever. 

Our consummate plumbers ensure that repairs get done within the same day. We serve our clients from Monday to Sunday. Additionally, we respond to plumbing emergencies even during holidays. 

Our team uses non-invasive techniques to repair and replace aged pipes. This method is not only sustainable but less tedious and cheaper. 

Our plumbing services conform to the set industry standards. We only use guaranteed replacement parts for our jobs. We prefer having a written agreement with the client to avoid future conflicts. 

Our prices are unbeatable. Additionally, our clients get entitled to repeated discounts and promos to reduce spending. 

How Do We Repair Water Lines?

Upon arrival, we inspect the site to trace the root of the leakage. We study the water system to find out whether the pipes are easily accessible. 

If the line is hard to access, we prepare specialized tools for underground diagnosis and repair. Our plumbers then set up a containment zone to cordon off the public. 

In most cases, our crew performs what is known as a direct slab repair. This solution is quick, affordable, and lasts a lifetime.  

How Do We Replace the Main Pipe Line?

At times, fixing the damaged line proves utterly impossible. This issue is common in aging water systems. Our technicians will advise you when it makes more sense to replace the faulty line over doing repairs. 

Our experience enables us to recommend high-quality replacement materials. Our installers are quite fond of the flexible yet durable Polyethylene and PEX pipes for their excellent performance. 

Our plumbers do not rest until you get a tailor-made package suited to their exact repair budget. Hire our replacement contractors and improve your home’s value.  

How Much Do Our Repairs Cost?

Pipe line repairs are a bit expensive as they require specialists and involve a lot of work. On average, however, our clients pay around $900. Our varying rates get influenced by the replacement parts needed and labor costs. Call us at 855-958-5868 for a free estimate and consultation. 

How Long Does the Repair Work Take?

Ordinarily, it takes around four to eight hours to accomplish line repairs. Fixing lines that are not easily accessible takes longer as the pros have to dig deep into the earth to reach the problematic pipes. 

Does Home Insurance Cover Damaged Pipes?

Many home insurance policies do not cover broken pipe lines. Very few insurers can agree to compensate you for damages caused by aging pipes or pipes destroyed by overgrown tree roots. However, your home insurance policy can help you to recover the repair expenses. 

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