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An air conditioner is an important part of your home or business. It makes the internal environment cool and comfortable, particularly during extremely cold or hot weather months. The disappointing news is that air conditioning and heating units tend to malfunction at the most inconvenient time. They can break down during the hottest or coldest day. They can also malfunction at night, Saturdays, Sundays, or on public holidays when most AC repair companies are closed. 


The good news is that our AC repair company is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us today at 855-958-5868 for the emergency air conditioning repair you need. Our customer care representative will answer your call as soon as it gets connected. The rep will note down your address and ask you a few primary questions about your problem. A nearby professional will then get dispatched to your location and arrive within an hour. Our specialists can get your broken HVAC system back up and running, usually on the first trip. 

What are the Main Causes of an Air Conditioning Unit Failure?

An air conditioner unit might stop functioning due to a wide variety of reasons. The primary causes of AC failure include: 

Low Refrigerant

A refrigerant is the part of your AC that eliminates humidity and heat from the air circulating in your house or office. Leaking refrigerant lines result in an insufficient refrigerant that cannot clean and cool the air effectively. 

Skyrocketing electrical bills, the presence of ice on refrigerant lines, and strange noises in the air conditioners are some common signs of low refrigerant. Other signs include:


  • Failure to reach the set temperature.
  • Water leaks around the system.
  • An uncomfortable internal environment. 

Repairing this issue involves more than just installing a new refrigerant. It requires locating and repairing holes or cracks in the refrigerant lines. Our professional HVAC technicians have the necessary skillsets and experience to fix this common AC problem. 

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils are refrigerant-filled devices that absorb heat from the air. These coils require sufficient warm airflow to function effectively. Insufficient airflow causes evaporator coils to become extremely cold, resulting in the accumulation of ice on the outside. The outcome is the breakdown of your AC equipment.


Don’t hesitate to call our well-reputed technicians, who have over two decades of experience dealing with frozen evaporator coils.


Besides fixing this issue promptly, our expert technicians will provide you with preventative tips. These tips include monitoring refrigerant levels, raising fan speed, replacing air filters, and ensuring supply vents are always open.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Condenser coils exist on your outdoor unit. They are responsible for the elimination of heat absorbed from indoor air by sending it out of the building. A buildup of dirt and debris on the uncleaned condenser coil reduces its efficiency. This problem overworks your unit, causing the parts to wear out and the whole system to malfunction. 


Removing this dirt and debris requires experience, skills, and specialized equipment. Don’t try to do this DIY. Instead, call one of our professionals with prompt assistance for 24-hour emergency air conditioner repair. 

Fan Problems

Your HVAC unit contains two types of fans. One fan discharges air over the evaporator coil of your indoor unit to remove heat from the air. The other fan discharges air over your outdoor unit’s condenser to drive the absorbed heat out of the building. Failure or improper functioning of either of those fans often leads to insufficient airflow and air conditioning issues.


Fan problems usually stem from a defective motor, damaged belts, excessive dirt and debris, and lack of lubrication. Signs of fan problems include slowly rotating blades, strange noises, and fans with trouble starting or stopping. It’s time to call us if your AC unit is experiencing any of these issues. 

Thermostat Problems

A faulty thermostat can reduce the efficiency of your unit or cause it to fail altogether. A thermostat jammed on the mode will keep on circulating the coolant and cause your unit to work extremely hard. A thermostat can also become unresponsive to the settings. This issue causes your unit to turn on and off too often, show incorrect temperature readings, or malfunction altogether. 


You can resolve most of these problems by switching from an outdated thermostat to a digital and modern one. You can set your smart thermostat to adjust temperatures at specific times. You can also control it remotely. Our technicians can do the installation for all customers at very affordable prices. 

Lack of Maintenance

Regular maintenance plays a crucial part in the performance and lifespan of your system. Failing to maintain your unit properly may cause it to malfunction. It may also invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty in the event of a covered issue. 


You can count on us for thorough inspection and maintenance of your system. Our specialists can spot and fix potential problems at their initial stages. Let us clean and inspect your system at least once a year to improve its efficiency. 

When Should You Call an Emergency AC Repair Expert

Poor Airflow

Nothing is disappointing as when your AC generates little or no cold air in the wake of summer. Don’t worry, though! Our repair technicians can restore the functioning of your unit within no time. In most cases, they will clean the compressor if the unit is not producing sufficient cold air to cool the whole room. 

Unusual Noises

Normal sounds of an air conditioning unit include the typical hum when the unit is working and the sound of air passing through the vents. Any other strange sound is a sign of a problem in your system. Clicking sounds from the outdoor unit indicate the presence of dirt and debris in your outdoor fan. Clicking noises from the indoor unit may be a sign of electrical problems. Contact our repair expert if your unit is producing strange noises. 

Warm Air

Are your vents producing warm or hot air? If so, don’t wait for the issue to go away by itself. Instead, get in touch with an HVAC expert right away. Warm or hot air from your vents indicates that your system has inadequate refrigerant or the compressor isn’t working. 

Strange Odors

Strange odors emerging from your unit indicate that you need AC repair services. A damp smell usually indicates the presence of stagnant water inside your AC drain pans, drip lines, and air ducts that need cleaning. 

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