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Are your water bills becoming more costly? Is there water dripping from your ceiling? Does your pool drain away quickly? You may also be dealing with wet floors, basements, or walls. 

If so, you might be a good candidate for our plumbing leak detection services. And it’s better to act right away. Leaks may seem insignificant, but they can be responsible for a lot of structural damage—for instance, wet wood is highly susceptible to rot and mold growth.

A higher monthly bill that doesn’t correspond to your water use may gradually add up to the point of being more expensive than resolving the leak in the first place. Leaks also rarely resolve themselves. Sooner or later, you will need to order professional leak detection and plumbing services.

We have a simple three-step procedure for providing detection services:

Step 1:  Give us a call


Receive a rough quote of how much the service may cost. You’ll enjoy speaking to our knowledgeable contact agents.

Step 2: We detect and fix the leak


Not only do we offer leak detection, but Our professional plumbers can also recommend and conduct various fixes. We don’t like projects that drag on too long. That’s why we try to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

Step 3: Your problems go away


Once the leak is gone, you will have peace of mind knowing that your plumbing system is sound and that your property is safe. We don’t call a job done unless you’re 100% satisfied.


Call at 855-958-5868 to get your quote today for leak detection.

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How Do Leak Detection Companies Find Leaks?

Understandably, you may have a lot of questions about how leak detection services work.  So how do we conduct professional leak detection? At, Our technicians use leak detection technology and a lot of common sense that we have gathered over many years of experience.

One of our top tools for the job is a ground microphone and listening disk. This detection tool helps our plumbers detect the sounds that water makes as it drains away. There are more advanced leak detection tools in our arsenal, including a pipe and soil probe that we use to detect leaks for pipes buried underground. We also utilize thermal leak detection kits.

Non-invasive Techniques, Saves on Repair Costs

Rest assured that our professional experts will pinpoint the leak even if it is deep in concrete. We always aim for less invasive leak detection techniques. We don’t want to tear down your walls or dig through your foundation just to find the leak.

Can Plumbers Detect Leaks Behind Walls?

Yes, plumbers can detect leaks behind walls without drilling. They can listen for leaks hidden behind walls using professional sound leak detection equipment. The kit mainly consists of high-quality headphones and an ultra-sensitive microphone.

Thermal imaging is another technique used by plumbers to detect leaks behind walls. Wet surfaces tend to be cooler. The imaging camera can note the small temperature differences to pinpoint walls affected by the leak. 

We Can Detect and Fix Your Pool Leak

You may suspect that your pool leaks water. But it’s harder to ascertain if this is the case because pools lose some water to evaporation. There are several ways a pool may develop a leak:

While you may worry about the cost of fixing a pool leak, it’s better to resolve the issue right away. Leaking pools result in the wastage of water and expensive chemicals. A small pool leak issue can also become a blown-out issue that requires a very expensive fix.

Working with seasoned pool detection expertise is key. Leak detection is not all about using advanced equipment. It’s also about using a lot of common sense. You’ll find out right away that our experts are the real deal.

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There are many more reasons to choose our company for your plumbing and pool leak detection:

  • We’re bonded, insured, and certified;
  • We may be able to recommend if the resulting property damage following a leak may be covered by homeowners insurance;
  • Our team is on call 24 hours a day for serious leaks such as burst pipes;
  • We show up fully prepared with a truck loaded with spares;
  • We are local and friendly.

Our experts follow all the Covid-19 health recommendations to keep your family safe. Speak to us today at 855-958-5868, and schedule your leak detection service:

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