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Toilet Installation from Fast and Affordable Toilet Installers

If you happen to hire toilet installers who ruin the job, you’ll have a lot of problems down the road, such as running water problems, water drops in the toilet bowl, or incomplete flushes. That’s why it’s important to work with a professional plumbing installation service from the onset.

We are pros at installing a wide range of toilets and from different brands. You get guaranteed services and a toilet that will work non-stop. Get started by calling our contact centre. We are local and will arrive at your home right away.

How Much Will a Plumber Charge to Install a Toilet?

A trouble-free and routine installation may only set you back about $100 to $200. Some jobs may require more initial work, which increases the cost of the toilet installation. This, however, does not include the initial cost to purchase the plumbing fixtures and toilet. recommends speaking to our team for a more accurate estimate. You get the initial estimate for free and you can schedule your toilet installation when you want.

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Toilet Installation from Seasoned Experts

Why should you call us to have your toilet installed correctly? Well, there are a couple of reasons we think we’re a good choice:

Bonded and insured

We are bonded and insured, which means better protection for your property when we work on it. Our business practices are above the board, as all our plumbers are licensed.

Product experience

Receive advice from our team who are experienced with various types of toilets and systems. You don’t have to spend many hours of research online.

We do it right the first time

Get your toilet installed the first time correctly. It ensures that you can get back to your normal life quickly.

Accurate quotes, no hidden charges

While we may give you a rough estimate of how much it may cost on the phone, it takes a site visit to come up with a final estimate. That’s what you pay with no hidden charges.

Which Toilet Should I Install?

You have access to a wide range of toilet types. The most widely utilized toilet is the gravity-fed toilet. It’s easy to maintain and quiet. You can also choose a pressure-assisted toilet, which has more flushing action but it’s also louder.

If you’re conscious about your water use, you can choose toilets that have dual flushing capabilities. For instance, you can use a half flush to flush away liquid waste. We also have some expertise in other systems, including waterless toilets, urinals, and restrooms for commercial buildings. 

bathroom remodel project

When to Replace the Toilet

Most people decide to install a new toilet as part of their remodelling process. But there are other tell-tale signs you can use to gauge whether it’s the right time to have the toilet replaced, including:

If the toilet bowl has developed a crack: Take note that the crack may not be easily visible. You may only notice leaking water around the toilet bowl.

Constant toilet problems: If your toilet keeps having lots of problems, for instance, constant clogs or leaks, it may be time to switch to a different trouble-free system.

Switching to a newer system: If you have the typical gravity-fed system, you may look into having a toilet that promotes efficient water use such as a dual system.

We Can Help with Common Toilet Problems

If you need a clogged toilet fix, you can also contact our capable team. We are a full-fledged plumbing company that can also resolve sewer blockage issues. Sometimes you don’t need to replace your entire system, and we can advise with that. So, get started by calling our team at 855-958-5868 or request a quote.  

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