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We are passionate about helping everyone with their drain cleaning issues. Our professional plumbers dealing with plumbing emergencies are on standby and ready to be deployed to your home. We are fully equipped and have all the required tools to get the job done right the first time. You will also enjoy the assurance of working with licensed and certified plumbers. Enjoy these other benefits when you call our number:

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Why is the Sink Not Draining?

Are you having trouble with a slow draining kitchen sink? The most common cause of kitchen sink clogging is grease and oil build-up. Soap is another hidden offender that may cause scum buildup in the pipes. Some of your food scraps may also find their way into the p-trap and pipes, causing the blockage. 

It’s also possible that the garbage disposal may have failed, particularly if you hear a low humming noise without any action. Some issues can be repaired by a plunger. You can also try a DIY technique using baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water. Now, if these methods fail, it’s time you consider hiring emergency plumbing expert technicians at the team emergency plumber.

clogged drain cleaning and unblocking

What Chemical Do Plumbers Use to Unclog Drains?

We generally skip on drain cleaning chemicals as they can be highly toxic. They also generate heat when they cause chemical reactions, and this may further damage pipes. We’ll utilize a variety of techniques that may not be at your disposal, including:

The plumber’s snake: Excuse the alarming name! It’s a just coiled wire that it’s able to reach into the drain and break up clogs. We typically use a machine-powered plumbing snake that may reach up to 75 ft into your pipes.

Hydro jetting: It’s a non-invasive and much safer technique compared to using a plumbing snake. We’ll use high-pressure water to clear clogged lines.  It works well on mineral, oil, and grease buildups. The advantage is that it flushes all materials from the internal pipes into the main sewer system.

Why is My Bathroom Shower Not Draining?

Unlike your kitchen sink, your bathroom shower may not seem to take a heavy beating. But you may notice a lot of standing water after finishing your showers, and you often have to leave it for a long time for it to drain completely. Items that cause bathroom showers to clog regularly include clumps of hair and soap scum. Common techniques that you may use to address your bathroom shower clog include:

Give us a call if the following approaches failed to work. The clog could be deeper in the system. While it may seem like an unnecessary cost, it’s the best bet to prevent future blockages and maintain the integrity of the entire plumbing system.  

Multiple Slow or Clogged Drains

You may notice that the problem may occur in more than one sink or drain. The likely culprit could be clogged sewer lines. You need to take action before it becomes a more serious issue that may result in dirty water backup in toilets, sinks, or other drains. 

We deal with complex sewer clogs all the time. Our plumbers will carry out a professional assessment using a drainpipe camera to find the clog. We always take the least invasive alternative to avoid as much damage as possible to the rest of the system.

Kitchen Sink Unclogged Using Plunger

When Should I Order Drain Cleaning Services?

Not sure whether you need to schedule a drain-clearing service? Well, check for the following warning signs:

  • Multiple slow draining sinks or reoccurring clogs.
  • Dirty water back up through the sink or toilets.
  • Unpleasant drain odors that indicate a buildup of organic matter inside the pipes.
  • Gurgling sounds.


You can always request seasonal plumbing maintenance for your home or business. We can catch problems early before they become serious issues.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Pipes Cleaned?

Drain services can cost as low as $99. However, we recommend calling our customer support reps to receive a rough quote on how much the service is going to cost. It’s also important for our plumber to conduct an initial review of the clog to determine if you require a more elaborate fix.

You should never have to pay a steep price just for sewer and drain cleaning. After the actual review on site, we provide a more accurate estimate with no hidden fees.

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What Plumbing Emergency Can Occur Due to Drain Clog?

Your pipeline should drain properly; otherwise, it can cause extensive damage to your property like burst pipes, blocked sewer line, etc.  To resolve the plumbing problem immediately, hire a company that offers service in your surrounding areas at an affordable price.   

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