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Harsh weather conditions can take a toll on your HVAC equipment. Your home or business will be uncomfortable during the summer or winter months if your system fails. You need prompt, professional service to fix your heating and cooling system. Our company understands that HVAC problems usually happen at the most inconvenient times. That’s why we provide 24-hour HVAC services near you. Call us at 855-958-5868 for a quick and reliable emergency HVAC repair service, with the pros having more than two decades of experience in your area.

When Do You Need Emergency Air Conditioning Repair?

Electrical Problems

You cannot afford to wait for normal business hours when your HVAC system is experiencing electrical problems. Tripped breakers, burning electrical smells, and dimming house lights when the appliance turns on are common electrical issues associated with faulty AC units. Give us a call if your unit is experiencing these issues. 

Our emergency HVAC repair technician has the technical skills and experience required to locate the source of the issue and solve it fast. Getting these issues addressed restores comfort in your home and minimizes the risks of a blackout or fire. 

HVAC System Failure

HVAC failure happens when you cannot turn on your system. Inspect your circuit breaker and thermostat if your AC is not activating. It should activate if it is receiving enough power and the thermostat is correctly set. It’s time to call for an emergency AC repair service if your appliance doesn’t activate under these conditions. The sooner you get our expert involved, the sooner you restore comfort in your home or business.

Strange Noises

Your air conditioner usually hums gently and consistently when it’s running and cooling your home. Any weird and disturbing noises coming from it indicate that your air conditioner has an underlying problem.


A banging noise means the compressor, an important component of your system, has a problem. This component is responsible for distributing refrigerant to different parts of your conditioner to expel excess heat from your home.

An irritating screeching or squealing sound indicates a failing fan motor in your outdoor air conditioner. This weird sound can also come from a faulty blower fan motor in your indoor air conditioner. Buzzing sounds, rattling noises, hissing noises, and other types of strange noises are signs of an issue with an HVAC system. 

Contact our emergency heating and cooling repair technician shortly after noticing your AC is generating strange noises. Otherwise, a simple and inexpensive repair issue could turn into a complex and expensive one if you fail to take any action. You could also end up replacing the entire system. 

High Level of Humidity inside the House

Your AC unit isn’t limited to just cooling down your home. It also gets rid of the humidity. So, a higher level of humidity inside your house than usual indicates a problem with your air conditioner. 



The humidity level inside your house should range from 30% to 50%. Beyond that, the internal environment will be musty and uncomfortable. It will also promote mold growth, which will pose safety risks to you and your property. Contact our knowledgeable emergency AC repair professional to get the issue addressed and normal humidity levels restored in your home. 

Reduced Airflow

Are your vents releasing little to no air? If so, you could be dealing with an obstruction in the air ducts. It could also be a sign of an issue with your HVAC equipment. Our local HVAC experts can accurately diagnose and solve the problem promptly. 

Leaking Refrigerant

Leaks in your AC’s refrigerant lines can cause a huge problem. They may reduce the amount of refrigerant in your equipment without any major indication from your unit. Inadequate refrigerant forces your unit to work extremely hard to cope with the excessive heat outside your home. This could result in a rapid increase in your power bills and the potential breakdown of your system unexpectedly.

Be sure to contact us for heating and cooling service contractors if you notice a substantial decrease in the performance of your system or experience significantly less cooling for the last couple of days. Our professional will visit your home or business to fix the issue Asap. The professional will use specialized and latest leak detection equipment to find and repair refrigerant leaks without delay.

(FAQs) About 24 Hour Heating and Cooling Service

What HVAC Services Do You Provide?

We provide a full suite of 24/7 services, including:

  • Air conditioning installation or replacement
  • Furnace installation or replacement
  • Emergency furnace repair
  • Leaking refrigerant detection and repair
  • AC filter replacement
  • Evaporator coil service
  • Commercial HVAC maintenance

The above list does not cover all the services we provide. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have other air conditioning issues that need to be addressed immediately. We pride ourselves on providing top quality services that meet the unique heating and cooling needs of our clients.

How Do I Find the Best AC Equipment for My Home

Our knowledgeable technicians are always willing to help you find the best air conditioning equipment for your property. They will visit your home, assess it, and determine the best furnace or HVAC equipment. They will also handle the installation process and provide monthly maintenance at reasonable prices in case needed.

How Frequently Should I Have My Air Conditioning Unit Serviced

We highly recommend that you have your equipment serviced once a year. Annual servicing of your air conditioner reduces repair costs, improves energy efficiency, enhances performance, and extends the life of your equipment.

How Often Should I Have My HVAC Air Filters Replaced?

You should have your air filters replaced after every month if your system is always running. You should replace them every three months if you use your system less frequently. It also depends on the weather outside and the pollution level.

Is it worth Repairing My Air Conditioning Equipment?

Sometimes it’s easy to decide whether to repair or replace your AC equipment. This is especially true when your equipment or parts is completely damaged. But if your equipment isn’t at immediate risk of breakdown, you will need to consider multiple factors, including:

  • Energy Costs: You should consider replacing your system if your energy bills keep soaring despite all your repair and conservation efforts.



  • Outdated Systems: Sometimes, it is best to switch to a modern system than keep spending money on an old, less efficient system.



  • Extremely Noisy Air Conditioning Unit



  • AC Fails at Inconvenient Times: Consider replacing your equipment if it keeps failing whenever you run it continuously, especially during hot summer days, to get rid of the more frequent occurring problems.

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