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Your sump pump plays an important role in mitigating flooding in your basement. It’s particularly invaluable during rainy seasons. It can even prove life-saving when a plumbing issue results in a lot of water discharge.

If you’re not sure whether you need a sump pump for your basement, it’s best to speak to our service professionals. We perform professional sump pump installation and repairs on all systems. Contact our team for a formal consultation and a rough estimate of how much it may cost. Call 855-958-5868.

How to Tell if You Need Sump Pump Repair or Replacement ?

Some pumps have limited lives, just like any other fixtures. Before it breaks down, the pump may exhibit signs that should be taken seriously and as a signal to order repair or installation services. Some warning signs our professionals recommend checking include:

Clogged drainpipe: It’s possible to have a clogged drainpipe. It drains into the sump pump tank and carries water from the foundation drain around your property. It’s important for it to be clear of any blockage to ensure that there is no build-up of water around the basement perimeter.

Loud humming: During normal operation, your sump pump may produce a low humming noise.  But if it’s louder than usual and followed by grinding noise, it could be an emerging issue with the motor.

The sump pump does not turn on: This could be an electrical issue with the fuse or circuit. Your backup battery may also be dead.

Debris inside the sump pump tank: There’s also a chance for debris to accumulate inside the sump pump tank, especially if it’s connected to the foundation drain.

Age of the sump pump: You can expect your sump pump to last for at least 10 years, but it may be worth it to replace it if you start experiencing problems after this time.

Excessive vibration: It could indicate the presence of debris in the draining water. The issue could also result from a damaged impeller. At this time, it’s better to just replace the unit as repairing the impeller alone may not be worthwhile.

Start running on its own: Your sump pump will be automatically powered from the float switch. But at times, there could be issues that cause the on and off switch to be switched on.

It has to run for a very long time: Your sump pump may be underpowered to handle the volume of water if it has to run for a very long time to clear the water from the tank. A plumber can take a look at the unit and recommend if it needs to be upgraded.

You can call us if you’re experiencing any issues with your sump pump. We recognize that your issue may not be listed here. But we are on hand to help you repair any problem.

Get A Professional Inspection of The Existing Installation of Sump Pump

Consider calling Team Emergency Plumber or a professional sump pump inspection. We will make sure that the sump pump tank is of the appropriate size. Our team will also check if the drain system is clear of any blockage. You can also call us to ensure that your discharge pipe is draining in a suitable location, which should be at least 20 ft away.  That ensures that the water will not keep draining back towards the home, which creates long cycles.

We will also confirm that the sump pump is running well during routine maintenance without any signs of issues.  This includes checking if the check valve properly functions and prevents water in the discharge pipe from draining back to the pump.

We’re serving homes in your neighbourhood, and you need to give us a call to schedule a service with our local plumbers. Call 855-958-5868 and speak with our service professionals.

Replacing the old sump pump

How much does a plumber charge to install a sump pump?

The first investment you make is purchasing the actual sump pump, which will cost about $600 to $1000. If the plumber charges an hourly rate, it’s maybe between $50 to $150. You can choose from two options for the unit. Submersible pump units are inside the tank and are submersible. Pedestal pumps are not submersible, making them less susceptible to damage.

Can a plumber install a sump pump?

A plumber may be able to install a sump pump, but they should have some prior experience and specialty with the units. Homeowners can also seek the services of water proofers, and the professionals do not necessarily hold any special licenses. Water proofers may be people who have worked on contractual jobs. When you work with our company, you get access to local plumbers with lots of experience with sump pumps. We constantly better our professionals through training and certification.

high angle view of the sump pump

Are sump pumps hard to install?

They are not hard to install and some homeowners take on the task of installing the units themselves. However, there is a level of service you get by hiring a sump pump expert. For instance, they will have all the tools to carry out a professional job. A professional sump pump expert will be less likely to make common mistakes that could warrant expensive fixes later.

Sump Pump Installation and Repair Near Me

For any potential repairs to your sump pump or a new installation, you can always count on our team of experts.  We show up prepared with all the tools. Don’t deal with plumbers that fail to show up on time or keep postponing appointments. You can get a rough quote from our support team and a more professional estimate when the experts arrive on-site.

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