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Backflow Testing From Certified Experts, Schedule Your Annual Check

The backflow of contaminated water into the main’s culinary water supply is potentially dangerous. They have been documented cases where backflow has resulted in illnesses and even death.

If you have any irrigation system installed, you may be required to have a backflow prevention device. That’s because there’s a potential for pooling water contaminated with chemicals and dirt to be sucked into the mains water supply due to pressure differences that may occur from time to time.

Commercial facilities such as car washes are also required to install backflow preventers to ensure that their wastewater doesn’t end up in the public water supply.


Annual backflow prevention testing is often required for commercial spaces and apartment blocks. It’s important to have a backflow preventer tested even if your municipality or city doesn’t require annual testing for residential homes. Defective backflow devices can also result in other problems such as low water pressure if the valve is not opening correctly. 

You can always reach out to us for regular backflow testing. Team Emergency Plumber also offers the service for a relatively low fee and can perform necessary repairs if required. Call 855-958-5868 to schedule your annual backflow testing.

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Best Choice For Backflow Inspection

Consider ordering backflow testing as part of your general plumbing inspection. We take our time during the inspection to ensure that the backflow device is functioning correctly.

Our plumbers also check for other potential sources of water contamination. For instance, main water lines may develop cracks as they age or due to soil movements. You might notice that your tap water is sometimes dirty.

Not sure if you need backflow testing for your home or commercial facility? Please speak to us by calling 855-958-5868. We will be able to advise and share more about our backflow services. Our office is open 24/7, 7 days a week, to serve you anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions About Backflow Testing

Is backflow testing necessary?

Yes, it’s necessary because backflow prevention devices are critical to maintaining a clean water supply where there’s a potential source of contamination.

How often is backflow testing required?

Some municipalities and cities require backflow testing for apartments, condominiums, and commercial facilities at least once every year. It must be conducted by a certified and licensed plumber who has also received specialized training in backflow preventers.

What is the sprinkler backflow test?

Sprinklers and drip irrigation systems are fitted with backflow prevention valves.  The backflow test checks if the preventer is operating as required to prevent the infiltration of contaminated water into the culinary water system.

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