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In an exciting development, the reputable plumbing services provider, has announced that they have acquired, a green building solutions service.

Whereas Team Emergency Plumber is a highly reputable Los Angeles-based services provider offering a wide range of essential emergency plumbing services like leaking pipes and faucets, burst pipes, clogged toilets, sewage water treatment, water heater repairs, boiler servicing, sump pump installation, water damage restoration, and commercial plumbing, focuses on promoting sustainable building designing, construction, and operation practices.

The two companies have effectively created a super plumbing company by joining forces. The resulting entity has the capacity to offer high-quality and sustainable plumbing.

Working together, the two companies are sure to revolutionize the eco-plumbing industry. The grand plan is to merge Team Emergency Plumber’s traditional plumbing expertise with the sustainable perspective of

The acquisition provides an excellent opportunity to deliver valuable plumbing services that positively impact the environment.

By joining forces, these companies will up the ante to exceed customer expectations.

This acquisition aligns perfectly with Team Emergency Plumber’s vision to always stay updated with the plumbing industry standards and, emerging trends.

Here are the exciting offers to our customers.

Better tools, More Services

The staff has more access to the vital tools and technology necessary for quick and efficient outcomes. Our customers will now have unfettered access to a broader range of holistic plumbing services.


Resource Access

This acquisition guarantees better access to tangible resources, materials, and suppliers for both parties.


Quicker Services

The merger allows the staff to deliver quicker and more sustainable plumbing services.


Improved service rates

Our customers will soon start enjoying lowered service costs. Everyone knows all too well that transitioning to green solutions reduces many costs. For instance, energy costs, water costs, and building costs.


Accelerated market access

The successful acquisition has increased our staff numbers. Our combined service force will enable better market penetration. The extra staff allows better business scaling. This collaboration saves both parties a great deal of effort, finances, and time. That is compared to if they were penetrating this niche from scratch.

Impacts to our customers

This acquisition is a sure win-win for our companies and our esteemed clients. Our customers will experience tested and proven plumbing solutions with an eco-friendly touch.


We want to assure our respective customers that they have absolutely nothing to worry about with this transition. After all, we share similar core values and goals.


Our customers are guaranteed to continue receiving the same professional plumbing services. The only difference, this time around, will be that the services will be eco-friendly.


Trust us, once you experience the positive impact of this timely acquisition, you will remain loyal. This exciting acquisition promises endless possibilities. Join us on this noble quest to sustainably improve your living and working spaces for a brighter and greener future!


Advanced is a go-green service-based website that promotes sustainable building designing, construction, and operation practices. The service adopts sound environmental strategies to develop beautiful, comfortable, and energy-compliant structures and systems for a greener future.


Its qualified staff integrates eco-friendly practices in every stage of the building construction process. It incorporates this sustainable approach into the sourcing of building raw materials. As such, the service is more inclined to use renewable building materials, such as engineered hardwood, clay or rammed earth, flooring corks, and AshCrete, over conventional but unsustainable building materials.


It also a huge fan of using recycled materials for construction and repair work. Its experienced artisans are adept at installing systems that capture renewable energy like wind, solar, or geothermal to power the various home systems, be it the HVAC, plumbing, or electrical. has invested heavily in the latest tools that allow it to handle plumbing issues non-invasively and eco-friendly. For instance, its plumbers do not need to excavate the earth to repair broken or burst pipes. Instead, they use non-invasive cameras, liner tubers, or resin to fix the pipes remotely.


Its eco-plumbing services have enabled countless homes to improve energy efficiency and waste management. The service is committed to building beautiful and EPA compliant sustainable homes with better resale values for its customers. Its greatest achievement, however, is that it continues to play a huge role in fighting global warming.

This service is a community resource for green residential or commercial construction info. The site is neither owned nor operated by a single entity but rather by the entire green building community.

Plumbing Practices

Over the years, the demand for cost-effective sustainable plumbing services has skyrocketed. Fortunately, Team Emergency is on a mission to deliver these eco-friendly 24 hour plumbing solutions to help curb resource waste in residential and commercial properties. In line with this mission, it has acquired As such, the company now offer the following services in addition to its unparalleled plumbing services.

Sewage Water Treatment

Our specialists rely on the latest water purification technologies to recycle sewage water that would have otherwise gone to waste. We install sustainable sewage and septic treatment plants that do not require constant electricity to treat harmful sewage. Call us for technical support with your zero-noise pollution solutions today.

Rain Water Harvesting

We specialize in setting up efficient and affordable rainwater harvesting systems. Our professionals will assist you to put up gutters and storage tanks for storing the collected water. Rainwater weans you off from relying on municipal water. This move allows you to save cash and conserve this precious resource.

Tankless Heaters

Heating water is an energy-intensive process. It drives up utility bills and adversely affects the environment. We will help you to switch to tankless heaters and repairing boilers to lower your home’s or office’s carbon footprint.

Ultra-low Flow Toilets

Flushing toilets waste a lot of water. Transition to the ULF, or Ultra Low Flow toilets for a positive environmental impact today. Talk to us and learn more about the latest EPA-approved ULF toilets installation and repair.

Bidet Toilets

Bidet toilets use water instead of toilet paper. Swap to eco-friendly bidet toilets to reduce toilet blockages while protecting the environment.

Low-Flow Showerheads

We specialize in fitting eco-friendly low-flow shower heads. These showerheads significantly reduce water waste while still ensuring a superb showering experience.

Automatic Faucets

We will guide you to installing eco-friendly automatic faucets at your residence or apartment block. These fixtures reduce water loss by up to 20%, which is also great for the planet.


Advanced Buildings and Team Emergency Plumber are renowned for installing stylish yet sustainable roofing options. Together, we will help you install eco-friendly roofing solutions that relieve stress off your home or office AC and fosters lowered emissions and fantastic energy savings. The following flooring solutions are available:

Cork Flooring

Reach us for stylish, high-quality cork floors. These floors contain renewable and purely organic ingredients. It only takes our professionals a day or two to lay out these durable surfaces.

Bamboo Floors

Bamboo makes for earth-friendly flooring material. Bamboo is renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable. Our flooring experts will install beautiful and durable bamboo floors at friendly rates.


Linoleum is an earth-friendly flooring material. It is aesthetically appealing, durable, and water-resistant. We are specialists in fitting linoleum floors consisting of organic ingredients like tree resins, wood flour, pigments, ground limestone, and linseed oil.

Engineered Hardwood

Go with engineered hardwood flooring to arrest wanton deforestation. Talk to us when interested in installing these eco-friendly floors that last up to 30-plus years at home or work.

Low VOC Flooring

Low VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds floors are the in-thing right now. We support the customer’s endeavors for stylish and minimal emitting Low VOCs. We point you in the direction of the safest low VOC floors, such as the ULEF or, Ultra-low emitting formaldehyde floors or, NAUF, or No added urea formaldehyde flooring option.

Radiant Flooring

Radiant floors conserve heat energy. Installing them saves you money too. Hire us to install EPA-approved, beautiful, durable, and high-efficiency radiant roofing.


Our residential and commercial spaces gobble up a lot of electricity. This energy gets used to power lights, appliances, water heating, and AC systems. Going green is the perfect remedy to control electricity costs and impacts. Our 24 hour electrician solutions for bringing electricity costs down include:

Solar Panels

Solar panel prices have plummeted by close to 70% since 2010. Solar panels are readily available nowadays. Consult us if want to switch to the durable and efficient solar panels to power your homes or offices today!

Wind Energy

If you live in a windy area, why not try wind energy to power your appliances? Our professionals have the skills and tools to help set up the wind turbines to capture this free and renewable energy resource.

Solar Electricity Panel

If installed properly, solar electricity panels are a lifetime investment. Lucky for you, our professional electricians have successfully installed countless solar electric panels. Call us for solar panel installation and repairs for single homes or apartments.


Lighting homes use up to 10% of electricity. Commercial premises use around 20- 40% of the electricity. Switching to sustainable lighting lowers your energy bills by up to 10% and 30% at home or on commercial premises. Our staff will help you to select the most efficient, comfortable, and durable energy-saving lights for your homes or office spaces at no cost. They will then do the installation in a professional manner. Our lighting solutions include:

Skylights/Light Tubes

We are skilled at installing and maintaining light tubes to redirect natural light to your living or working spaces. Check with our professionals to find if your roof supports these eco-friendly lights.

Fluorescent Tubes

Our crew is on standby to offer advice on the right CFLs or Compact fluorescent lights for your residential or commercial premises today!

Light Shelves

Light shelves are great for your pockets and the environment. These lights draw their energy from nature. Allow our team to set up these light shelves at your property and save up to 30% on energy costs.

Heating/Cooling (HVAC)

Inefficient HVACs cost us a fortune. Upgrade your HVAC to make it greener and more efficient today. We offer comprehensive HVAC diagnosis and repair services at low costs. Try us today!


Heat Pumps

Installing environmentally friendly heating pumps is our forte. Depending on your home or office needs, we will advise on whether to get the dual fuel heaters, geothermal heat pumps, or air source heaters.

Programmable Thermostats

Automating AC functioning is a great way to save energy and keep costs down. Our specialists have a deep understanding of the different programmable thermostats out there. Take advantage of our expertise to land the perfect thermostats for indoor or outdoor units.

Water Loop Heat Pumps

Keeping large open spaces cool poses a challenge, especially in commercial buildings. It is also difficult for laypersons to pick the right water loop heat pump. Our professionals will help ease the selection and install the heat pumps in record time.

Air Conditioning is your go-to hub for all air condition service solutions. We only recommend EPA-approved appliances for sustainable living. After we have fine-tuned the home or office AC for optimal performance, we advise you on how to use natural elements to cool and heat your premises.

Water Heaters

We understand the toll water heaters take on your electric bills. You might also want to replace or repair your existing water heater . We can also relate to the harmful effects caused by these essential appliances. Our solution is simple: switch to eco-friendly water heating sources for a brighter and greener tomorrow. Call us to find out exactly how.

Water Damage Restoration

Floods, storms, and pipe breakages can occur without a moment notice. If faced with water damage disasters, do not panic. Call us for sustainable and expedited water damage cleaning and removal services today! Our water damage restoration solutions include:

Frozen Pipes/Burst Pipes

Our water damage restoration experts use organic and natural agents to handle frozen and burst pipes. We prioritize the eco-friendly CIPP trenchless process to fix underground pipes over the conventional excavation route.

Sewage Backups

Instead of using hazardous chemicals to treat sewerage backups or happened due to floods, we use natural and biodegradable ingredients to repair faulty sewers.

Storm Damage Restoration

We use several sustainable methods to dispose of waste from storm surges. Our experts decide whether to recycle, burn, or bury the debris. We also affix storm detection gadgets to protect you and your families.

Fire Restoration

Fire outbreaks often leave an ecological mess. Fortunately, our crew has the right tools and expertise to dispose of this potentially hazardous fire debris. Our fire restoration efforts ensure that no further harm comes from the debris disposal.

Smoke and odor clearing

You need to call us after a fire disaster. Our qualified restorers help clear away smoke and odor residues from carpets, furniture, and hard-to-access areas. We inspect your AC to see if the air ducts and filters are still working after the fire. We also rely on natural products and powerful vacuums to cleanse your living areas.

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning skills are quite impressive. We complete the task in a few hours and leave your rugs looking and smelling great. Call us to get carpet washing estimates today!

Mold Removal

Mold causes allergies and other unwanted respiratory conditions. As such, mold growth should be dealt with as soon as possible. Contact us for eco-friendly mold elimination solutions. We insist on organic agents, such as regular dishwashing agents and Borax solutions.


Our company also installs and maintains durable, appealing, and high-quality energy-efficient roofs. We have several roofing options for earth-conscious consumers. These roofing options include:

Cool roofs

These are lightly colored roofs designed to reflect away sunlight for a free cooling effect. Our roofers affix metal shingles or dark gravel to turn the roof into a natural AC.

Green Roofs

Go green with a picturesque rooftop garden. Have us plant some trees, bushes, or other vegetation on your rooftops to achieve a natural cooling experience today!

Metal Roofs

We specialize in fitting extremely efficient, durable, and attractive metal roofs.

Solar Roofs

For a sleek and futuristic roofing experience, go for the Tesla solar roofs. Consult us to learn if your home or office is ideal for this highly efficient and sustainable roof today!