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Do you have a water heater issue? You can get excellent services from our professionals. Our work and happy customers speak for themselves. We never leave the customer’s premises without getting to the heart of the issue. Our water heater service specialists focus on providing a permanent fix. You should consider hiring a local plumber with us offering same day service if your water heater has displayed any of the following warning signs:

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Can Hot Water Heaters be Repaired?

There are generally four types of water heaters:

  • Tankless water heaters
  • Tank water heaters
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Electric Water Heater

You might be using a storage tank hot water heater if you have a relatively mid-sized home. The following issues can be easily resolved:

  • Minerals sediment buildup and scaling – It’s common in homes with hard water;
  • Temperature issues, not enough water or warm water – Plumbers generally check if the thermostat is faulty).
  • Many kinds of leaks – Provided that the water tank has not corroded.

Many people assume that a tankless water heater cannot be easily repaired and that it’s easier to replace it. This is not the case. Plumbers can replace the heating element /heat pump that usually wears out. They can also help clean the filter and descale the heater. 

Should I Repair or Replace My Water Heater?

Hot water heaters don’t last forever. You can expect to get anywhere from 10 to 20 years from your unit. So, if it starts experiencing problems after this time, it may be nearing its end of life. This may be the ideal time to start looking into a new heating system.

You can also look for other telltale signs that the heater may be failing. For instance, if it’s leaking from a small hole in the tank, it may have rusted from the inside out. If your water has a metallic taste or contains metallic sediments, this is another indication of rust.

It would help if you had a plumber evaluate the system to determine the next action to take. During our water heater repair service, can also help recommend the most suitable water heater you should install.  Currently, many homeowners are choosing hybrid systems that can reduce energy consumption and save on costs.

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How Much Does It Cost to Repair?

The average cost of water heater repair services ranges from $200 to $500.  If the system requires a lot of replacement parts, this could also play into the overall cost. For very expensive fixes, it’s better to look into the possibility of replacing your water heater.

Do Plumbers Near Me Fix Heaters?

Certified plumbers can fix a wide range of hot water heater issues. They not only know their way around pipes and connections, but they can also take a look at the malfunctioning heater and determine if you need an electrician. But this only comes if there’s a larger problem with the home electrical connection, for instance, when the water heater causes the circuit breaker to trip frequently.

Repairing Water Heater in Emergency

Find the Best Water Heater Replacement & Repair Specialists in Your Zip Code

Our emergency plumbers are only a call away if you need an immediate response to your hot water issue. We arrive with all the necessary tools and replacement parts to speed up the repair process. Our water heater experts offer all types of water heater installation and storage tank replacement as well. You can also order regular maintenance services that can help prevent expensive future fixes. Get the right help by calling 855-958-5868 or send your quote online.

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