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Garbage Disposals Installation Services - Hire Trusted Experts Today

Are you looking for a qualified plumber to install a new garbage disposal unit or replace an existing one? You can consider hiring our team of professional and licensed plumbers for garbage disposals installation.  

Getting a new unit can help with processing leftover food scraps, eliminating the need to dispose of them in your trash can. This makes things around your kitchen more efficient. 

Choosing to hire a professional versus conducting the installation by yourself is very important for the highest standards of safety. At times, a permit is required. 

Our skilled professionals can also advise on the kind of garbage disposal unit to get. So, call us today for professional consultation with our team and have all your questions answered.  

How the Garbage Installation Process Works‘s professionals will follow the following steps when installing new garbage disposal:

Step 1: Removing the old unit

If you already have an old garbage disposal, the plumber will start by removing it. Removal steps entail finding the electrical supply cables, disconnecting the drainage pipe, and breaking the unit free. Because garbage disposals are often quite heavy, they will take safety measures to avoid dropping the unit and damaging your cabinets.  

Step 2: Installing the new unit

During a garbage disposal installation where a previous unit did not exist, the technician may need to configure the electrical supply. Garbage disposals may be hard-wired to an outlet through a grounded electrical outlet. It can similarly share the same circuit with a dishwasher or have a separate circuit, which is most recommended. The plumber will also have to install the fiber gasket, backup flange, and mounting ring. They will also connect the garbage disposal to the dishwasher drain before mounting it in place. 

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Step 3: Testing the new unit

The plumber first tests the connections for leaks by filling the sink with water with the stopper in place. They will remove the stopper allowing the water to drain. If there are no leaks, they will turn on the power and test to see if the garbage disposal unit is working as it should. You can have some food scraps ready to see the disposal in action.    

Reasons to Choose Our Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation Services

Choosing our professional emergency plumbers for garbage disposal installation affords you many benefits, including:  

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Get Help with Garbage Disposals Repairs and Maintenance

You don’t have to replace your garbage disposal unit when it develops problems such as loud noises, failing to turn on, humming and buzzing, or a clogged disposal unit with standing water. Our plumbers can also help prolong the life of your new garbage disposal units through regular maintenance.  

Choose the Right Experts to Install Your New Garbage Disposal

Find quality garbage disposal experts in your zip code by contacting our team to schedule your service. Our call center operates 24/7 hours a day. You can even schedule a visit during off-hours.  

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