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Premier Services for Emergency Plumbing in Memphis TN

Do you have a plumbing issue that calls for an emergency? Fret not for you’re at the right place!

Our local plumbers deal with and provide lasting solutions to all plumbing issues saddling our esteemed customers in Memphis and its environs, be it a residential or commercial plumbing issue.

Call 901-902-4400 right away to speak with one of our representatives, and our team of professionals will touch down at the affected building to assess the situation and provide a fast yet efficient fix.

Our pros emergency plumbing services’ focal point is transparency and efficiency; therefore, you’ll be brought up to speed on what caused the issue and solutions that will suffice to prevent further repairs in the future.


Is My Plumbing Issue a Downright Emergency?

To be frank, the best way to prevent long-term damages and save cost is to treat all your plumbing issues as an emergency.

However, while some issues might need to be tended to the very moment they surface, others aren’t much of a cause for alarm, although you might want to fix them as quickly as possible for the safety of your properties.

That being said, what are some of the plumbing issues that you may need to act upon with celerity?

Professional Installing Faucet For Kitchen Sink

Slowly Draining Sink

We regularly get calls about this issue, whether it’s happening in the kitchen sink or bathroom sink. A common, rarely alarming issue, yes, but there are times when knotted hair, food remnants, or soap residue can completely cause a blockage, thereby leaving you with a mess to deal with.

In this case, you might want to try using a plunger to see what you can remove, but if the issue has worsened beyond this, you will need the help of the nearest and well-trained plumbers to get to the root and get rid of all dirt and residues causing the blockage from within.

Clogged Toilet Bowl

This very messy situation prevents the bowl from draining and, thereby, causes a fill-up of waste paper and human feces. The same can be said of clogged shower drains, and you don’t need telling to treat these as an emergency that calls for the plumbing services of professional plumbers.

Leaking Pipes

You might be beguiled not to act quickly upon leaking pipes in your plumbing system as they seem manageable, but the aftereffects on your floors might not be too pleasant to look at. This can also occur in a water heater.

Dripping Faucet

As your internal washers become stiff or dislodged over time, you may have a case of dripping faucets to deal with. And a single faucet, if neglected, can drip away gallons of water, thereby costing you a lot of money in the long run.

Sewage Backup

Your waste depository backing up can be very unpleasant for not just your toilet but your entire building and compound as a whole. In this case, our plumbers will arrive within 24 hours and clear your sewer line based on the density of your environment and the practices ideal for it.

Why You Can Rely on Our 24 Hour Plumbing Services in Memphis, TN

Unlike other plumbing companies in Memphis, TN, we’re fully equipped for emergencies. This means our professionals have all items needed to fix your plumbing issues stocked up just so you need the services at non-business hours such as weekends and nights when our professionals are relieved of their duties.


Our emergency plumber will be willing to come to your aid at any hour an issue arises, albeit this might come at an extra cost.


Our 24-hour plumber in the Memphis area has vintage emergency plumbing experience and understands the need to keep all your properties safe while at work. You wouldn’t have to worry about your household items being tampered with.


Our services aren’t limited to just water plumbing systems; we can fix gas leaks and all kinds of issues with any water heater as well.

cheap plumber fixing sink pipe in emergency

How Long Can You Expect Our Emergency Plumber to Arrive?

The goal is to have our professionals touch down at locations where their plumbing services are requested in minutes, but, given how dense some areas in Memphis can be, the arrival may take longer, but your best bet is to place a call through to us to see how quickly you can get a response.

Can My Plumbing Issue Be Fixed in a Day?

Again, our professionals offer plumbing services that provide solutions to our clients’ plumbing needs as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of service delivered.

However, this largely depends on what is and what isn’t. A sewage backup, for example, may take days, while a

minor repair such as dripping faucets can be done in a matter of seconds by our plumbing company.

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