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San Antonio's Leading Source for Emergency Plumbers

We are one of the most trusted sources for professional emergency plumbers in San Antonio, Texas. Our plumbing experts understand the disruptive effect of sudden plumbing disasters. They are well equipped to respond to unexpected plumbing issues, regardless of the hour of the day.

You can rely on them to show up on weekends and around special holidays. Our professionals have many years of experience and strive to provide permanent fixes to your plumbing needs.

Scheduling your service is quite easy. Give us a call at our support center. Our San Antonio plumbers are friendly and encourage questions. 

Resolve All Your Plumbing Issues - Residential and Commercial Services

Our professional teams are ready to offer the best plumbing repair maintenance and installation services in San Antonio, TX. We are available 24 hours a day and throughout the year. Here is just a selection of our popular services: 

Overflowing or running toilets

Call our team for all issues involving your toilet, from overflows to clogs. Typically, when there is water back up, there might be a problem further down the drain. 

Hiring a certified plumber is the best way to deal with major blockage as they will use specialized tools such as mechanical plumbing snakes. 

Clogged drainage systems and sewer clogs

You may consider homegrown solutions to unclog a drain, such as pouring hot water. However, if they fail to work or if you’re dealing with a complex issue such as a clogged sewer line, you can get a timely plumbing drain cleaning service from our professional team.

Broken faucets and fixtures

Different components for your faucets, sinks, toilets, showerheads, or bathtubs may become damaged. You can seek the intervention of our professionals for professional replacements and installations. 

Ruptured water supply pipes

Pipes may burst for a wide range of reasons, from corrosion to excessive water pressure. Movements caused by soil shifts may also cause supply lines to be raptured. Fixing a burst pipe may be under the realm of most DIYers. Some big-box stores even provide tutorials. But if you need the problem repaired immediately, be sure to order the services of our plumbers near me 24 hours in San Antonio. 

Gas Leaks

The first sign that you may have a gas leak is if you smell the odor of natural gas. Ensure that you don’t have any potential sources of flames, particularly if the smell is intense. Most gas companies provide an emergency number that you can call.

You may also consider turning off the gas supply from the mains supply and opening doors and windows for proper ventilation if it’s safe to do so  

Drain cleaning services

You may need drain cleaning services if you have clogged drains. Some of the drains that could become clogged include your kitchen, shower, or washing machine. A couple of signs may indicate that you need a drain cleanout, for instance, standing water, slow draining, or unpleasant smells. 

Benefits of Hiring a 24 Hour Plumber San Antonio

Fully stocked repair trucks: Our plumbers show up with trucks stocked up with the necessary supplies to perform quick repairs in no time. 

All questions answered: Feel free to ask questions about all your plumbing needs. 

Around-the-clock service: We’re a true 24-hour emergency service. You can even schedule the service during your off-hours. 

Full service: Our service deals with all kinds of emergency plumbing repair tasks. Find all the solutions in one place, from water heater repair to toilet unclogging.  

Licensed and bonded local plumbers: Get the best pick of knowledgeable plumbing professionals. They are bonded and insured for better protection during the service. 

Leaked Ceiling At Home

Get Started With a 24 Hour Emergency Plumber Today

Now that you know what emergency plumbing entails don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and order plumbing services. You don’t need a lot to get started. We will only ask for basic information such as your address and if you need an emergency response.

The team will be briefed with all your details and about the nature of the emergency. So, call 830-241-2070 for a plumber in San Antonio, TX. 

Bathroom Repairing with a plumbing service

Emergency Plumbing Services FAQs

How long will it take for the plumbing repair professional to arrive?

After calling our customer support number, our available emergency plumbing team will be dispatched promptly. They may be able to reach your home in one hour if they are on standby. The typical average response time for emergency plumbing services tends to be 2 hours or less. 

What do you consider an emergency?

Traditionally, plumbing problems such as burst pipes or gas leaks have been designated as emergencies. That’s because they must be resolved quickly to prevent property damage. Now the definitions of what qualifies as a plumbing emergency are not set in stone. As long as you have an issue that you need our plumber in San Antonio to address quickly, it qualifies as an emergency. 

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