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When your toilet overflows, your sink clogs, or your gas line starts to leak; you have a plumbing emergency that requires immediate attention. A toilet overflow can trigger mold growth, exposing you and your family to serious health risks. Gas leaks can cause an explosion, resulting in serious injuries or even loss of life. For these reasons, plumbing emergencies cannot wait – they must be resolved immediately. Our emergency plumbers in Fresno, CA, can address your plumbing needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All you need to do is call our phone number 559-414-2020 and our pros will arrive at your location within minutes. 

Services Offered by Our 24-Hour Plumber in Fresno, CA

Some plumbing emergencies cannot wait until morning hours. Whether you have noticed gas leak signs, such as the weird smell of rotten eggs or sulfur or whistling sound close to the gas line in the middle of the night or the water heater has malfunctioned just before a family get-together, call our team for a quick response. Our professionals in Fresno usually repair the following plumbing emergencies:

No Running Water

If all your taps are dry, this can be deemed a plumbing emergency. You can call your neighbors to find out if they’re facing a similar problem. If they are, then that would be a sign of an issue with the municipal supply. Don’t, however, hesitate to contact us when you’re experiencing this plumbing issue. We’ll dispatch our highly trained and experienced plumbers to assess the source of the problem and repair it. Clogged tap connections corroded or broken pipes and dilapidated or improperly installed lines could be the potential cause of this issue. 

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Toilet Overflow

Besides posing a serious health risk, overflowing toilets create a mess in your home or business. This plumbing issue could arise due to the presence of a clog in the drains or vent pipe. If the overflow is happening from the tank instead of the bowl, then that’s an indication that your filler float is positioned too high.  

The outcome is that too much water will get into the tank before the filler float is hit, resulting in leaks from the tank’s sides. Upon getting your call, our plumbing team will show up at the site within the shortest time possible, assess the problem, and do the necessary repairs. Our Fresno plumbers will also offer you filler float installation, repair, or replacement. 


When flooding happens in your residential or commercial facility in West Ave, Fresno, CA 93722, you should move with speed to minimize damages. What’s more, the presence of harmful bacteria in the floodwater can pose serious health risks to you and your loved ones. Flooding can occur due to severe weather, an overflowing toilet, faulty washing machine, defective dishwasher, or broken heater.

 Our emergency plumbers can visit your home or business and perform a thorough cleanup. Our Fresno plumbers can also inspect your plumbing system to assess the extent of the damage or if there are any serious flood-related issues. 

Freezing Showers and Leak Detection Services

If you encounter a freezing shower early in the morning, turn on the rest of the taps to find out if any of them will discharge hot water. You can also find out if someone else has showered recently, exhausting all the warm water in your water heater. If you cannot identify the cause of freezing water, you should immediately call us so we can send one of our Fresno plumbing contractors to your home to fix the issue. 

Our plumbers use the latest technology to identify the specific leak location and offer long-lasting, non-invasive solutions. Contact us now for all leak detection services 24 hours a day.

Drain Cleaning in Fresno, CA

Drain cleaning is a fundamental part of preventing plumbing problems. Our Fresno, CA plumbing repair specialists can thoroughly inspect your drainpipes and clear all clogs that may trigger a plumbing emergency later. 

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Sewer Camera Inspection

Our pros can help you prevent serious sewer problems by performing intensive sewer camera inspections. We use advanced camera technology to check your sewer line, accurately pinpoint problems, and quickly make the necessary repairs. 

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Reliable 24-Hour Plumber

Our emergency plumber is always there to quickly respond to your emergency service call. You can, therefore, have peace of mind and guarantee that a highly skilled emergency plumber will be there to offer you professional assistance at an affordable cost. Our goal is to ensure our customers are comfortable and happy.

Full Plumbing Services

Our company offers all kinds of plumbing services. We have cemented a top position in the Fresno plumbing industry, thanks to the broad range of services that our pros provide. Our plumbers serve both residential and commercial customers in Clovis and Fresno.

Timely Response

A plumber near you is immediately sent to your home or office and arrives within a few minutes. Our customer service representatives answer your call quickly and listen attentively as you describe your plumbing emergency. All repairs, inspections, and maintenance are done quickly and efficiently while maintaining quality. 

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