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It doesn’t matter whether you live in a million-dollar home or a trailer park; one thing is guaranteed: you will experience a plumbing emergency sooner or later. Many people often feel the need to undertake plumbing repairs themselves. As much as a DIY project is deeply satisfying, it comes with many risks. Call our professional emergency plumbing technicians in Irving, TX, for both residential and commercial plumbing services. 

How should you react to plumbing emergencies?

Most people resort to outright panicking when they encounter a plumbing mishap. That is not the best response. Stay calm and collected when dealing with a plumbing situation. Identify the problematic area in your plumbing system, and confidently pick up the phone and talk to our standby Irving plumbers. 

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What Should You Do If You Have a Plumbing Emergency?

As you wait for our local plumbers in Irving to arrive, do the following: 

Turn off all water sources

Shut off your water sources as quickly as possible. Turn off the toilet valves right away. In the event of flooding, act fast to turn off the main water valves. This action helps to contain the plumbing emergency before our Irving plumbers arrive at your Irving home or business. 

Turn off your water heater

It’s always a splendid idea to turn off the water heaters at your premises when faced with a plumbing mishap. This move helps to prevent damage to your valuable water heaters. If you leave the heater on, there’s a high likelihood that your heater will blow up inside. And, as we all know, welled-up tanks tend to overheat and may even burst, with catastrophic consequences. 

Try and seal any small leakages

Seal off any small leaks immediately they appear. Get yourself a plumber’s tape and keep it with you at all times. If the emergency caught you unawares, seal off the leaks using available materials, such as nylon bags, towels, or rags. That will keep things in check until the emergency plumbing technician gets to your site. 

Drain your spigots

After you’ve shut off the main water valves, you should proceed to drain the pipes feeding your property. Turn off all the external spigots and drain the garden hoses to prevent the emergency from becoming worse. Use a plunger to drain any water trapped in the pipes as you await our plumbing experts to arrive. Don’t go overboard and be tempted to use chemicals to contain your plumbing emergencies. These chemicals might make things worse.

When Should You Call an Emergency Plumber?

Here are the seven common emergency situations that will require you to call our emergency plumbing professional in Irving. 

Water Heater Problems

There’s nothing as relaxing as having your shower water at the right temperature. At times, there’s an issue with the heater, and the water coming out is so hot that it causes burns. 

If your heater acts up this way, turn it off right away. Also, turn off all the hot water taps to drain the heater. Afterward, call our highly trained emergency plumbing technicians at 469-905-6555 to come and assess the plumbing problem, and have it repaired.

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Leaky faucets

Even though leaking faucets are not a high-priority plumbing emergency per se, there’s a need to correct them as soon as possible. Dripping faucets are not only frustrating, but they tend to inflate your water bills. The easiest way to address leaking faucets is to use a wrench to tighten the loose connections. 

Be careful, however, not to use excessive force with the wrench tools, as you may break the tap’s valves in the process. To avoid such unbecoming scenarios, try and use your hands to stop the leaking faucets before you pull out the big guns. 

Frozen Pipes

Winter often exerts a huge toll on your home’s plumbing systems. The demand for plumbing services always skyrockets during the colder months. Frozen pipes are quite normal at this time of year. It’s easy to tell if a pipe is frozen. The pipe splits open and, you can see noticeable cracks from afar. 

The best remedy for a frozen or burst pipe is to call our top-notch plumbing team to come and inspect them. Sometimes, the pipes freeze without any obvious cracks or splits. In such instances, you are recommended to use a hairdryer to thaw these frozen drain pipes. 

Make sure the dryer is at a low temperature. Never use an open flame to attempt to thaw your frozen pipes. Flames can damage your pipes or even harm you. 

Here are some tips to prevent frozen pipes in the winter:

  • Insulate your pipes
  • Raise your home’s thermostat
  • Disconnect garden hoses 
  • Leaking water heater

Leaky water heaters pose a significant danger to your walls and floors. If you notice any unusual wet spots near your water heater, you’re advised to shut it off immediately. Turn off the malfunctioning heater and the main water valve to your home and give us a call right away. 

If you are using an electric heater, turn off its circuit breaker or simply unplug it altogether. If you’re using a gas heater, turn off the feeder gas line. The shut-down valve is usually located at the bottom of the gas heater. The valve has a red handle, and there’s a brightly painted arrow indicating the shut-off direction. 

After turning off the electricity or gas to the heaters, use a garden hose to drain the water from the malfunctioning heater. If you’re unsure about how to go about the disconnections and draining-off processes, sit tight and wait for our plumbing contractors in Irving, TX. They will arrive on time and offer top-notch Irving water heater repair service.

Clogged Drains

Most of the calls we get on our emergency plumber Irving hotline concern clogged up toilets and drains. Clogged toilets and blocked sinks are common nuisances for homeowners. When faced with such clogging issues, use a plunger to see if you can get it to work. 

There are several approaches to dealing with clogged drains. The repair method used depends on the severity of the plumbing problem. In some instances, the experts have to perform trenchless sewer line repair using endoscopic cameras. In other instances, they use a hydro jetting machine to perform thorough drain cleaning.

These repairs may necessitate the replacement of damaged or leaking pipes to ensure the smooth operation of the plumbing system.  

Home Smells

At times, you wake up to realize that the water coming out of your taps has a funny smell. Smelly water is usually a sign that something is amiss with your sump pump or septic system. If you get this emergency, you should get help right away. 

Do not attempt to open the septic tanks yourself. This space is a breeding ground for all sorts of harmful bacteria. 

Gas leaks

Gas leaks are frightening and potentially life-threatening. If you notice any gas leaks in your living space, evacuate immediately. Get everyone out to safety, including the pets as well. 

If you detect any gas leaks at your property, don’t hesitate to call our emergency plumbers in Irving as quickly as possible. Have our licensed 24-hour plumber install a leak detection system to give you a heads-up whenever there is an issue with the essential plumbing system. 

Why Choose Our Pros Over Other Plumbing Companies?

Our professional plumbers have a wealth of experience comparable to that of a few other plumbing companies in Irvin, Texas. Our certified plumbers have the skills to get the plumbing job done in the least amount of time possible. Our rates are fantastic. Our experts are transparent and honest with their clients. We also offer free estimates and excellent customer service.

Qualities of Our Top-Tier Emergency Plumbing Company

Ideally, you are looking for a plumbing company that has the following qualities. A bonded and insured company. A licensed company that is recognized by the plumbing authorities in Irvin, Texas. Our plumbing squad operates around the clock to cater to any arising plumbing emergencies.

Our team has received countless positive reviews from our customers in Texas. Most importantly, our teams rank as one of the most skilled emergency plumbers in the entire state.    

Emergency Plumbing Services Offered by Our 24-Hour Plumber in Irving, TX

Our experienced plumbers offer the best plumbing services, all aimed at satisfying your unique plumbing needs. Reach out to us for essential plumbing services like garbage disposal repair, drain cleaning, water heater repair, sewer line cleaning, toilet repair, repiping services, slab leak repair, hydro jetting, sewer line backflow prevention, and regular plumbing maintenance.

Residential Plumbing Services in Irving, TX

Our services are not only limited to households, but they extend to covering commercial spaces as well. Reach out to our trusted and reliable plumbers if you are looking to overhaul your apartment block’s sewerage system. 

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